xm|edit Makes Industry Debut at LA Final Cut Pro User Group Meeting; Introduces 'Traffic for Final Cut Pro'


xm|edit Founder Demonstrates Node-Based Editing, Project Management Companion to Final Cut Pro; Visual Effects Workflow Inspires Traffic’s Innovative Approach to Node-Based Editing

Last Updated: September 27, 2005 5:11 pm GMT
(RALEIGH, NC -September 27, 2005) – xm|edit, the creators of graphical, node-based editorial and project management companion solutions, announced today it will make its industry debut at the Los Angeles Final Cut Pro User Group Meeting on Thursday, September 28, 2005.

During the meeting, xm|edit’s founder, Forrest Maready – a seasoned editor with several Hollywood film and television productions in his portfolio -- will formally introduce its flagship editorial companion solution, Traffic for Final Cut Pro.

Inspired by high-end visual effects design workflow, Traffic employs a sophisticated visual node-based interface, which provides professional editors with comprehensive, highly detailed editorial and project management control of their projects and enables them to perform difficult, time-intensive editorial tasks, that in some instances, are impossible to complete in the industry standard time-line based approach to non-linear editing. Additionally, Traffic for Final Cut Pro employs Apple’s XML interchange format, positioning Traffic well for rapid adoption by multiple, industry-popular editing platforms. Traffic is currently undergoing beta testing with several industry-leading NLE vendors who have also embraced the XML interchange format.

“As an editor myself, I am inspired by editing innovations that seemingly understand my pain; the solutions that deliver capabilities that address the minute, yet critical details of my craft. Editors are artists, and they crave tools that allow them to focus on their art and not on the tools themselves. That’s why I created Traffic,” said Forrest Maready, creator of Traffic and founder of xm|edit. “Editors are also business people, however, and in our business time is literally money. Through its powerful node-based interface, Traffic can eliminate hours of wasted time sifting through gigabytes of content to make universal tweaks. That’s the value of Traffic; hours of adjustments reduced to seconds.”

Traffic: Node-Based Approach to Editing
Traffic delivers a breadth of powerful capabilities designed to streamline the editing workflow, including the ability to:

• Change attributes of filters and text generators globally across multiple sequences or even multiple projects;
• Replace and insert footage based on complex parameters throughout multiple sequences and projects;
• Iteratively loop sequences with real-time control over loop boundaries;
• Create slates and slate information automatically through node-based connections.

xm|edit has also integrated a plug-in architecture, which allows third-party developers to create “widget-like” plug-ins to extend the capabilities of the software. The Company is currently developing a formal Third Party Plug-In and Application Development program to enable third party developers to easily create, market and sell plug-ins for the Traffic family of solutions. Details of the program will be announced at a later date.

Pricing and Availability
Traffic for Final Cut Pro will be available later this Fall and will be priced at $299.00. For more information, please visit http://www.xmedit.com

About xm|edit
xm|Edit is a newly-launched software development company focused on enhancing the content creation and non-linear editing experience of industry popular editing systems.

By embracing the mundane, tackling the minutia and eliminating the frustrations editors face while perfecting their craft, xm|Edit develops node-based editorial and project management companion solutions for industry popular editing systems that enable editors to make global, sweeping changes – from minor, isolated color correction tweaks to selectively replacing footage– in a truly non-linear fashion and using the Company’s visual effects workflow-inspired approach to highly-visual, easy-to-use, time saving graphical nodes.

Founded by seasoned editors, xm|Edit draws from personal experience with a careful eye to the level of detail and processes editors care about to deliver solutions that simplify and even accelerate the time-consuming process of perfecting the tiniest details of their craft and enhancing the overall digital media workflow. For more information, please visit http://www.xmedit.com


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