The continued integration of SmartSound's music scoring technology into leading nonlinear editing systems shows that it is considered an essential tool within the industry

Last Updated: November 15, 2005 6:39 pm GMT
(NORTHRIDGE, CA - Nov. 15, 2005) SmartSound Software, Inc., the leading provider of music and technology for visual content creators, has announced that Avid Technology, Inc. has integrated technology from SmartSound into its new Avid Liquid product line. This integration allows users access to custom-fit musical compositions for their soundtracks using SmartSound's technology without leaving their Avid Liquid workspace.

Drawn from editing products formerly developed by Pinnacle Systems, Inc. (including Pinnacle Liquid Edition), Avid Liquid is the company's new nonlinear editing software and hardware offering for event videographers, government and corporate video producers, and high-end enthusiasts. The new release of Avid Liquid shows that SmartSound's technology is rapidly becoming an essential component of any major nonlinear editing system's audio solution.

SmartSound's technology gives Avid Liquid users multiple arrangements of every track in SmartSound's large royalty-free library, precisely edited to fit the length of any scene without altering the tempo. The arrangements are complete musical compositions, with true beginnings and endings. This gives filmmakers enhanced flexibility and productivity, inspiring creative freedom when working with music throughout the editing process.

"Users of Pinnacle Liquid Edition had frequently asked us for a way to integrate our technology into their workflow," said Kevin Klingler, president and CEO of SmartSound Software. "Avid Liquid does this. Creating high-quality music for a film's audio soundtrack in Avid Liquid is quick and simple through the use of SmartSound's technology. Avid is one of a rapidly-expanding list of companies that have turned to SmartSound to provide their customers with the most effective solution for scoring videos."

SmartSound's technology is leveraged by the leading names in the video editing industry. Avid Xpress® Pro, Avid Xpress Studio and Media Composer® Adrenaline™ all include a version of SmartSound Sonicfire® Pro, and SmartSound provides the soundtrack creation tool for the Pinnacle Studio™ series. SmartSound technology has also been bundled with or integrated into editing programs from companies such as Adobe, Ulead and Cyberlink.

"SmartSound provides our users with a unique music scoring solution that quickly and intuitively provides professional-quality results for filmmakers and editors of all levels," said James Thill, product manager for Avid Liquid at Avid. "SmartSound is a great partner that provides expertise in a specific and important area for filmmakers and editors - musical scores for their audio soundtracks. SmartSound's technology is a critical part of Avid's total solution for our customers."

About Avid Technology, Inc.
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About SmartSound Software, Inc.
SmartSound Software Inc. is the world-leading developer and marketer of the SmartSound family of scoring technology for visual content creators. SmartSound technology is available for Windows XP, ME, 2000, and NT 4.0 or better and Macintosh OS 9.2.2 and OSX 10.1 or higher. SmartSound products include: the Sonicfire® Pro and Quicktracks® for Adobe Premiere® Pro software and the Film Score, Producer, Edge, Audio Palette, Sound Palette, and Movie Music collections of royalty-free music and sound effects. SmartSound-enabled music is also available from select production music libraries. The company is headquartered in Northridge, CA, and can be reached by phone at 818-920-9122, by fax at 818-920-9152 or on the Web at


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