First Autodesk Toxik Software Extension Released: Blend and Comp

Last Updated: November 16, 2005 5:26 pm GMT
(MAKUHARI MESSE, Japan, Inter BEE Nov. 16, 2005) Autodesk, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADSK) today announced that IMAGICA Corp. has added 15 seats of Autodesk Toxik software to its post-production pipeline, along with training from Autodesk Consulting. Autodesk has also released the first feature extension to the Toxik collaborative visual effects and compositing software. This extension, called Blend and Comp, contains tools that make frequent digital compositing tasks easier.  

Earlier this year, IMAGICA began offering digital intermediate services with its Discreet Lustre digital color grading system and Autodesk Stone Shared storage area network. Yasuo Nishi, executive officer and general manager of IMAGICA’s Motion Picture Division, said, “We’ve adopted Autodesk Toxik in order to ensure that our digital post-production process is stable and robust. We plan to use it on five projects in the near future. The Toxik software will improve the way multiple artists work together on these projects.”

The Toxik software enables IMAGICA’s team to manage multiple project assets, improving the team’s post-production workflow.  Created for multi-user collaboration, Toxik software integrates an Oracle relational database that supports constant synchronization between all systems. Artists, technical directors and visual effects supervisors can open and review the compositions on which other artists are working. Versions are tracked automatically, and compositions can be created on multiple systems while simultaneously being linked together for centralized reviewing and rendering.

IMAGICA provided Autodesk with valuable feedback on Toxik software development from the early stages, along with 27 other post-production facilities. IMAGICA’s expertise in distributed environments and image processing tool development was instrumental in shaping Toxik software’s collaborative functionality and application program interface (API). 

First Toxik Software Extension: Blend and Comp
Toxik software’s flexible, modular architecture enables Autodesk to frequently deliver Toxik extensions, along with periodic full-version releases. Extensions are toolsets made available in advance of full-version releases to Toxik customers on valid subscription contracts. The new Blend and Comp extension includes 11 tools developed in response to customer feedback:
  • Blend and Comp: Used to composite front and back Red Green Blue Alpha (RGBA) images. While most compositing tools reduce to compositing a front layer over an opaque background under the direction of a matte image, this tool offers full support for RGBA images – for both the front and back inputs, and computes an RGBA result.
  • Blend Alpha, Broadcast Safe, Comp Alpha, Drop Shadow, Glow, Media, Median Alpha, Orient, Out of Range and Unsharp Mask: These visual effects and utility tools simplify day-to-day compositing tasks.
More information on Autodesk Toxik software is available at http://www.autodesk.com/toxik

About Autodesk Toxik
Autodesk Toxik digital compositing software is used to create feature film visual effects. Toxik software is ideal for multi-artist film studio and post-production pipelines. Designed with a creative user in mind, Toxik image processing capabilities are built around its Ultra-High Resolution Interaction and High Dynamic Range Imagery core, allowing users to work interactively and intuitively with virtually any visual media, regardless of bit-depth or image size. Toxik software also offers integrated asset tracking, collaboration and versioning capabilities that fully automate the complex task of tracking shot and element iterations while providing a complete history of how any shot in a project progressed from inception to final output. For more information, visit http://www.autodesk.com/toxik

About Autodesk
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