Canon Addresses Public-Sector Video And Tv Professionals With Wide Range Of Products For Multiple Applications And Budgets


Canon's Exhibit Includes HD & SD Lenses, NU-700N PTZ Camera System, Canobeam Data Transceiver, XL H1 Camcorder, Multimedia Projectors, and Network Video Cameras

Last Updated: December 1, 2005 4:54 pm GMT
(WASHINGTON D.C. -GV EXPO, Booth # 1009) Responding to the diverse needs of public-sector video and television professionals, Canon will display a broad range of products at the annual Government Video & Technology Expo.

The exhibit will include such important Canon video products as the XL H1 HD camcorder, the Realis SX50 SXGA+ LCOS projector, and the full line of network video solutions cameras. Canon's Broadcast Lens division will show its HJ40 Series HD Telephoto EFP Lenses with Optical Shift-IS Image Stabilizer Technology, three new 2/3-inch Standard Definition ENG/EFP Pro-Video Zoom Lenses, the DIGI SUPER22xs HD Compact Studio Lens, the NU-700N Pan/Tilt/Zoom Camera System, and the Canobeam DT-100 Series Free Space Optics digital data transceiver systems.

"Canon offers a comprehensive range of technologies and solutions for the creation and display of high-quality video," stated Yukiaki Hashimoto, senior vice president and general manager of the Consumer Imaging Group at Canon U.S.A., Inc., a subsidiary of Canon Inc. (NYSE: CAJ). "Whether it's for homeland security, law enforcement, education and training, the military, or any other public-sector need, Canon has the products that Government Video & Technology Expo attendees are looking for."

"Both high definition (HD) and standard definition (SD) video production are important to government video professionals," commented Tom Yamasaki, director and general manager of the Canon Broadcast and Communications division. "This is why we have introduced such products as the DIGI SUPER22xs HD Compact Studio Lens for portable cameras and the our new Pro-Video portable SD lenses with performance and features that are closer to broadcast quality than ever before possible—and because public-sector video professionals have diverse needs we're also showing the networkable NU-700N Pan/Tilt/Zoom Camera System and the Canobeam Free Space Optics transceiver for high-security, high-speed data transmission."

Canon products on display at this year's Government Video & Technology Expo 2005 include:
  • The XL H1 HD Camcorder—As Canon's first HD video camera, the XL H1 High Definition (HD) camcorder and 20x HD video zoom lens with Superior Canon Optics provide broadcasters with a low-cost 1080i resolution option for ENG, Documentary or Reality TV production. Filmmakers will also appreciate the extensive Cine controls and 24 Frame rate option the XL H1 camcorder offers.

    Canon's "professional jackpack" features include uncompressed digital HD-SDI output for seamless integration into broadcast studios or high-quality image transfer to non-linear editing systems. The Genlock feature allows movie sets to easily synchronize camera settings across multiple camcorders and SMPTE time-codes in-and-out allow for streamlined tape and edit management.

    To streamline in-studio television production, the XL H1 model offers HD-SDI and SD-SDI output. HD-SDI output allows professionals to directly connect to a TV control room or a non-linear editing system. With this feature, users can plug their XL H1 camcorder into any professional's system with an HD-SDI input and can deliver live, unfiltered HD content in all its brilliant detail. Genlock synchronization input feature allows many XL H1 camcorders to synchronize through a switcher. With its SMPTE time code input and output, multiple cameras on a shoot can all lay down the same time code. The XL H1 camcorder uses a customizable open-architecture approach, selectable frame rates and multiple output options so professionals have exactly the right tool, every time they need it.

    In addition to its extraordinary video capabilities, Canon's XL H1 HD camcorder can capture still images plus metadata at full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 dpi or 2.1 megapixels) onto a standard Secure Digital (SD) Memory Card and MMC media. In order to make taking pictures as professional as taking video, the XL H1 HD camcorder features Canon's XL-interchangeable lens mount. For the XL H1 camcorder, Canon drew upon its exceptional heritage and expertise in designing and manufacturing lenses for photography and broadcast TV to create its new 20x HD video zoom lens with Superior Canon Optics. This lightweight, high performance lens achieves fast, precise focusing and a unique balance of focal length, angle of view and depth of field, key quality attributes that distinguish Canon from some other brands.

  • Canon Multimedia Projectors—Canon's Realis SX50 Multimedia Projector is the world's smallest, lightest (8.6 lbs.) SXGA+ LCOS (Liquid Crystal on Silicon) projector. And Canon maximizes the performance of LCOS with its proprietary AISYS (Aspectual Illumination System) technology, a patented means by which the Realis SX50 achieves both the high brightness of 2500 ANSI Lumens and a contrast ratio of 1000:1 while also reducing projector size. The Realis SX50's SXGA+ resolution delivers crisp, superior display of text and graphics, a feature of particular importance to government video users who may need to display spreadsheets, technical diagrams, or computer graphics. The Realis SX50 Multimedia Projector also features a genuine Canon high-performance 1.7x optical zoom lens that can project a 100-inch image on a screen from only 9.8 feet away. The Realis SX50 can also display true 16:9 720p HD broadcast images and includes multiple side-mounted input jacks and connectors to accept a wide variety of digital and analog computer-display formats.

    Canon's new feature-packed LCD Multimedia Projectors, meanwhile, combine advanced new capabilities with increased affordability to meet the needs of a wide range of public-sector professionals involved in training, medicine, and many other areas. These new LCD Multimedia Projectors—the models LV-7245, LV-7240, and LV-X5—are ideal for conference rooms, classrooms, and other locations requiring bright, high-quality XGA (1024 x 768) image display. The Canon LV-7245, LV-7240 and LV-X5 Multimedia Projectors incorporate a smooth, modern design and a generous array of new features that make operation quick and easy. And providing the perfect match for these Multimedia Projectors is Canon's RE-455X Visualizer, which offers affordable XGA-resolution image capture for everything from print documents to 3D objects.

  • Network Video Solutions—Designed for transmitting high-quality video images through the Internet or a LAN connection, Canon's Network Video Solutions cameras are well-suited for such vital applications as security, medical, education, distance learning, and teleconferencing needs, and any other application requiring high-performance, compact remote monitoring. Canon's Network Video Solutions cameras all feature Genuine Canon 26X Optical Zoom Lenses and a 12X Digital Zoom to capture fine detail from far distances with crisp 640-by-480-pixel resolution video at up to 30-frames-per-second quality. These cameras include a choice of pan/tilt/zoom or fixed, stationary models, some of which offer Two-Way Audio. Additional features include motion detection, auto-tracking, night mode, and long-range zooming capabilities.

    Canon's recently introduced VB-C50FSi Fixed Network Camera features Power Over Ethernet, which takes advantage of its IEEE 802.3af compliancy to receive both data and power through a single Ethernet cable. This simplifies installation, particularly at sites where AC outlets are not readily accessible. Both the VB-C50FSi Fixed Network Camera and Canon's new VB-C50i/R pan/tilt/zoom Network Camera feature Two-Way Audio and Multi-Terminal Modules enable them to capture, play back, and transmit two-way audio over an IP network. The audio capabilities of these two cameras allows for live audio transmission, motion- or sensor-triggered playback of pre-recorded sound, and audio recording. Optional, versatile monitoring software for Canon's Network Video Solutions Cameras provides full-motion video recording from up to 64 cameras and a wide range of playback options, including PDA viewing.

  • The HJ40 Series HD Telephoto Lens—The Canon Broadcast and Communications division will feature its HJ40 Series High Definition Telephoto portable lenses (models HJ40x10B IASD-V and HJ40x14B IASD-V TELE) with Image Stabilizer and eHDxs "eDrive" technology in recognition of the unique needs that many government video professionals face for HD image capture in the age of homeland security. Designed for use with ENG/EFP cameras, the HJ40 Series HD Telephoto lenses are the pinnacle of Canon's work in portable HD lens design, and are the answer to challenging productions that require outstanding telephoto performance over considerable distances. The HJ40x10B IASD-V can zoom to 770mm with an extender; the HJ40x14B IASD-V TELE EFP can achieve an unprecedented 1120mm. And with Canon's exclusive Optical Shift-IS Image Stabilizer Technology, both lenses can provide rock-steady image-gathering at telephoto distances. In addition, Canon's unique eHDxs eDrive technology enables camera operators to pre-set precise servo control of iris, zoom, focus, and other lens functions according to personal preference. Camera operators can then trigger their eDrive settings during shooting to achieve intricate shots that may be difficult or impossible to achieve manually. Canon's HJ40 High Definition Telephoto HD EFP lens series delivers innovative technology that addresses the complex imaging demands of public-sector video professionals.

  • New 2/3-inch ENG/EFP Pro-Video Lenses—Portable standard definition Pro-Video lenses continue to be in demand, which is why Canon is exhibiting its newly introduced YJ20x8.5B KRS long-zoom portable lens and the new YJ13x6B Series wide-angle portable lenses for 2/3-inch-mount portable video cameras. All three lenses feature Canon's innovative Internal Focus technology (IFpro), which enhances optical performance and provides multiple user benefits. The lenses also feature Canon's exclusive Shuttle Shot function, an advanced servo system that brings an entirely new range of value-added creativity to hand-held acquisition systems. All three lenses weigh less than previous models, feature a newly designed ergonomic hand grip, and are well-suited to professional, non-broadcast applications.

    The YJ20x8.5B KRS long-zoom portable IFpro lens offers the widest focal length (8.5mm) and highest zoom ratio (20x) of any lens in its class, in addition to the fastest servo zoom speed (1.2 seconds, end to end). It is designed to achieve an excellent compromise between the demands for high sensitivity (the lens' maximum relative aperture is f 1.8) and mobility in lightweight hand-held cameras. Offering superlative wide-angle performance, the new YJ13x6B KRS portable IFpro lens delivers the highest zoom ratio (13x) and widest focal length (6mm) of any lens in its class. It too features the fastest servo zoom speed (1.2 seconds, end to end). The alternate YJ13x6B IRS model, meanwhile, has a 2x Extender that facilitates a focal range of from 12mm to 156mm. The YJ13x6B Series represents a new level of achievement in balancing good sensitivity (this lens' maximum relative aperture is f 2.0), mobility, and a wide field of view for use with lightweight hand-held cameras. These new 2/3-inch Pro-Video lenses provide a new standard for performance, creative options, and affordability for a wide range of non-broadcast production applications.

  • DIGI SUPER22xs Compact HD Studio Lens—In recognition of the widespread use of portable HD and SD video cameras for studio production, Canon's DIGI SUPER 22xs (the XJ22x7.3B IE-D) is an entirely new lens category: the Compact HD Studio Lens. Created specifically and only for use with portable cameras, the DIGI SUPER22xs combines top-quality optical performance in a compact box-style design at a very economical price point. Equipped with Canon's HDxs "eDrive" system for programmable digital servo control of lens functions, the DIGI SUPER 22xs lens uses Canon's X-Element and Power Optical System to achieve the highest possible specifications in an extremely compact and lightweight (13.4 lb.) package. This first-ever Compact Studio Lens has a maximum zoom speed of 0.5 seconds and focus of 1.5 seconds, and an f-stop of 1.8 that provides very fast optical performance, even in low light. The DIGI SUPER22xs features a focal length of 7.3~161mm and—when used with the 2X extender—can achieve a focal length of 14.6~322mm. A choice of three different zoom and focus control systems allows facilities to configure the DIGI SUPER 22xs lens to their exact requirements, and an included supporter system for both camera and lens ensures a rigid support in every configuration.

  • The NU-700N Pan/Tilt/Zoom Camera System—Offering exceptional video quality featuring a 20X Canon optical zoom lens combined with a three-CCD 410,000-pixel imager, this turn-key Network Controllable Pan/Tilt/Zoom (P/T/Z) video camera system is contained in a weather-proof housing complete with its own built-in rain wiper. An additional digital zoom feature extends its focal length up to a maximum of 100 times. Offering flexible connectivity, either to a LAN or the Internet through an optional camera server, the NU-700N operates using a non-proprietary protocol that allows users and system integrators to interface it with third-party servers or controllers for easy integration with other systems. The NU-700N is excellent for observation of traffic, weather, remote city views, and many other applications, including homeland security.

  • The Canobeam DT-100 Series—Leveraging its years of world-leading optical expertise, the Canon Broadcast and Communications division developed the Canobeam DT-100 series data transceivers for low-cost high-security, high-speed data transmission. Canobeam uses Free Space Optics—a line-of-sight light beam—to transmit digital data at rates of up to 1.25Gbps for Gigabit Ethernet networking at a range of up to 2 km. An optical wireless technology, Canobeam requires no radio license, sets up quickly, and is highly secure from signal interception. Canobeam is protocol-independent (like fiber) and features Canon's Automatic Tracking Function for precise beam alignment despite vibrations due to wind, weather, or other factors. Management capabilities via SNMP, Telnet, and FTP are standard on the Canobeam models DT-110, 120, and 130.
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