Audio Network Launches The Industry's First Classical Music Subscription Service


Last Updated: December 13, 2005 5:05 pm GMT
(13th December 2005) Audio Network, pioneers of the revolutionary service for high quality music and sound effects, announced today the launch of a traditional classical music catalogue.  Available through Audio Network's simple subscription model this is the first time that music users can license classical music in this way and will significantly cut the cost of using famous works.

The new catalogue concentrates on famous works from big names of the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries - Bach to Beethoven, Schubert to Chopin and single tracks are priced from as little as £22.50. All the company's music is available to audition and download from

Using Audio Network's simple subscription service users can either choose to take out an annual blanket licence to cover all their music, or clear individual productions for £180, allowing them to use as much music as they want that is all cleared for the world, in perpetuity.

Audio Network's, Creative Director Andrew Sunnucks said, "Audio Network's mission is to make music easy and affordable to use and never before have recordings of this quality been available for use at such a low prices. In releasing this first classical collection of 18 hours of music we are offering even more choice to our customers and plan to build on this over the current months and years."

Audio Network has released 48 CDs to its regular catalogue in 2005 and these additional 18 hours of classical music builds the company's catalogue to over 8,000 tracks in all.


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