Vizrt Graphics System Enables Real-Time Coverage of Chilean Elections


Last Updated: January 9, 2006 5:10 pm GMT
(Bergen, Norway, January 9, 2006) Vizrt continues its live election coverage streak with its latest deployment of virtual studio applications at two of Chile’s top-rated television networks, Television Nacional de Chile (TVN) and Channel 13 at the Catholic University (UCTV).

UCTV and TVN made Chilean television history last month, when they produced election results in real-time using Viz|Virtual Studio, Viz|Trio and Viz|Content Pilot graphics systems for the country’s presidential and parliamentary elections. Comprised of more than 450 candidates in 60 districts, the amount of data and information collected for the event was extensive.

“Other networks in Chile face tough competition from TVN and UCTV,” said Pablo Goldszeft, Sales Manager Latin America, Vizrt. “Compared with UCTV and TVN, other Chilean networks produce fairly static graphics.  They are not able to visualize results in real-time, which is what creates dynamic election coverage, and what we at Vizrt believe to be a crucial part of election coverage. And without virtual sets, the choice of effects and backgrounds are limited.  Using Viz|Trio and Viz|Content Pilot, UCTV and TVN are able to show more information as it happens.  Information was shown in a very graphical way, providing the viewers a better understanding of the statistical information and its analysis."

The use of virtual sets and real-time graphics at two of Chile’s top-rated networks is just one of many live election coverage deployments for Vizrt. Recently, Vizrt announced that four additional Taiwanese broadcasters selected Vizrt’s Viz|Trio™ real-time 3D character generator and graphics system and a three-camera Viz|Virtual Studio virtual graphics system, bringing the total to six of the country’s seven broadcasters who used Vizrt graphics for live election coverage last month. Vizrt solutions were also widely used in the most recent U.S. Presidential elections by ABC, CBS, CNN News Networks and Fox News Channel – four of the nation’s five major networks. In addition, Vizrt’s HD and SD graphics systems are being used by approximately 30 Japanese broadcasters and production companies for live applications such as news, sports, entertainment, special event productions, and election coverage.

In Chile, TVN, the country’s largest network, has owned Vizrt virtual studio software, running on an SGI Onyx, since 1997. Since 1997, they’ve broadcast sport programs, magazines and special events using the virtual set system. For this year’s elections, TVN deployed a new version of Viz|Virtual Studio to display election results in real-time, utilizing graphics like pie charts, bars, and images of the candidates. The virtual studio is controlled using Viz|Content Pilot content management and control software. For graphic creation, TVN used Viz|Trio real-time 3D character generator to show lower thirds, over-the-shoulder shots and graphics that were updated in real-time. Both the virtual studio and graphics systems were fed directly from the official information source and from a database TVN built to tally election results.

UCTV also used Viz|Content Pilot and Viz|Trio in a similar scenario to TVN for its election coverage. UCTV had used Viz|Virtual Studio for the past few weeks for a sports program that highlights weekend soccer scores. Since using the Viz|Virtual Studio, the show has been at the top of ratings in its time zone.  In the program, an anchor stands within a virtual set, and in the background, graphics appear regarding team positioning, video and more. One effect that UCTV uses is to have the anchor appear as if he or she is standing in a real stadium, and then they step back into the virtual set. In addition to virtual sets, UCTV utilized Curious World Maps to present vote tallies in each region during the elections. When the anchor discussed results in a region, information on that region was extruded from the map.

UCTV recently purchased three licenses for Vizrt’s Viz|Trio and Viz|Content Pilot, which it has integrated with its current newsroom system, Avid’s ® iNEWS®.

“Since installing the Vizrt graphics solutions, our ratings and earnings have increased substantially,” said Marcelo Paez, Chief of Projects and Technical Support, UCTV Channel 13 - Catholic University. “Our decision to purchase Vizrt software came after conducting extensive market research, comparing all competitive vendors and products. For our needs, Vizrt’s solution was the best choice for real-time graphics.”


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