Silicon Color announces advanced Nattress plug-ins for FinalTouch


Nattress plug-ins are optimized for GPU acceleration, designed for high-speed workflow in FinalTouch rather than using generic slower plug-ins

Last Updated: January 14, 2006 1:35 pm GMT
(San Diego, California -- Jan 13, 2006) Silicon Color, Inc. announces the availability of an advanced set of plug-ins for FinalTouch from Nattress Productions. The new set of plug-ins offer an incredible set of powerful tools to enhance the award winning FinalTouch color correction software. The Nattress plug-ins have been optimized for GPU acceleration and are designed for high-speed workflow for FinalTouch rather than using generic slow speed plug-ins. The new set of plug-ins will ship later this month with a price of $495USD.

“We are very excited to have Graeme Nattress write these awesome new plug-ins based on our API. The value it will provide our end-users is beyond the scope of any competing products on the market today. These plug-ins really address the needs of the color correction marketplace with features never available in a dedicated color correction and grading solution,” said Roland Wood, President and co-founder of Silicon Color. “FinalTouch is without peer in providing color correction, grading, effects and finishing. With new optimizations for the Quad Macintosh and Nvidia cards, the speed is just incredible. One of our primary design goals was to optimize workflow and provide the best integration with Final Cut Pro via XML.”

“Silicon Color provide a rich, real-time environment for colorists in their FinalTouch color correction software, and the API provides a great environment for the development of GPU based plugins. As FinalTouch expands the capabilities of high-end color correction, our advanced plugins allow users to achieve looks which would otherwise not be able to be created with more traditional color correction tools,” said Graeme Nattress, President and founder of Nattress Productions. “We saw that there was a great need for tools to help colorists deal with the problems of low resolution chroma sampling from affordable video sources like DV or HDV. Our solutions form the core of this new package of plugins for FinalTouch.”

Nattress Plug-ins for FinalTouch include:
  • G 2 Strip: This simulates the old Technicolor 2 strip film process where colour pictures were created by recording one image through a red filter and the same image through a cyan/green filter onto a second strip of film, locked in-sync with the first.
  • G 3 Strip: This simulates the old Technicolor 3 strip film process. This process used three very strong red, green and blue filters, and produced a very saturated and vivid image.
  • G Bleach Bypass: Bleach Bypass simulates the missing of a stage of film processing. This processing creates the effect of a black and white copy of the image being superimposed on top of the colour image. This is a very trendy and desirable effect that really can help make video look very filmic.
  • G Chroma Offset: This filter shifts the chroma of an image independently from the luma of the image. This allows you to realign the chroma in the case of a chroma shift. This filter is designed to help solve chroma sub-sampling problems.
  • G Chroma Sharpen: This is a very powerful tool to help correct the problems created by chroma sub-sampled video sources, whether they be 4:2:2, 4:1:1 or 4:2:0 or 3:1:1. It works by analysing the luma of the image as a guide to the reconstruction of the sub-sampled chroma information. This filter can be extremely useful in correcting colour bleeding. Note: if the chroma of the video source that you are attempting to correct is not smoothed (for instance video from Apple DV codec), place the appropriate G Chroma Smooth filter (see below) ahead of the G Chroma Sharpen in the process tree. You can use the G RGB to YCbCr filter in conjunction with G Chroma Sharpen to help you see exactly what this filter is doing to the chroma. It's quite a surprise to see how bad and blurry the chroma of most video is, and how sharp and nice it can be after applying this filter.
  • G Chroma Smooth 4:1:1 G Chroma Smooth 4:2:0 G Chroma Smooth 4:2:2: Each of these filters smoothes the chroma according to the specific nature of the chroma sub sampling.
  • G Detail Contrast: This filter is a combined sharpen and noise reduction tool. It works by splitting the image into 2 components; one representing high frequency details; and one representing the low frequency or broad details (overall tone).
  • G Percentage Median: This is a smoothing filter with the ability to subtly dilate or erode the image.
  • G RGB to YCbCr Colour space converter: By converting your image into YCbCr space, you can create process trees that affect only the luma or chroma, individually. For example, you could create a chroma blur, or affect the tones of an image without affecting the saturation.
  • G YCbCr to RGB Colour space converter: Partners with the G RGB to YCbCr to return your video to RGB colour space.
  • G Smart DeInterlace: This filter is an advanced DeInterlace filter that uses analytical techniques to reconstruct the missing field, while retaining as much detail and information as possible. Unlike simple de-interlacers, G Smart DeInterlace eliminates most of the aliasing artifacts that can be created during the de-interlacing process.
  • G S Curve: A Suite of tools for adding an S-shaped gamma curve to images, with full control over Black and White curve, and whether the curve affects the luma only, the chroma only, or the full RGB image.

About Silicon Color
Silicon Color, Inc. is a developer of high performance, highly scalable color correction systems and applications for the post-production marketplace. Leveraging strengths in video processing, color science and display technologies, Silicon Color designs systems to meet the ever-increasing need for powerful real-time systems that support the resolution requirements of video and film professionals. The company is headquartered in San Diego, California. For more information visit

About Nattress
Nattress Productions Inc. is an Ottawa, Canada based company dedicated to developing cutting edge image processing algorithms and turning them into easy to use tools for video editors.


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