Apple features Solventdreams stop-motion film Disaster!


Last Updated: January 16, 2006 5:48 pm GMT
(Los Angeles, California - Jan 14, 2006) Los Angeles-based Solventdreams has garnered the attention of Apple Computer who is now featuring the work of Solventdreams in a three-page feature on the highly trafficked Apple website. Solventdreams is being featured following the completion of the company's claymation feature, "Disaster!," which is the first all-Macintosh stop-motion animation film. "Disaster!" was accomplished by the Solventdreams' post production studio in Silverlake using Power Mac G5s, Xserve RAIDs, Final Cut Pro, and Shake.

All post was handled exclusively by Solventdreams and was composited in Shake, edited in Final Cut Pro, color graded in FinalTouch HD at 444 HD and printed to film. Input was done using Blackmagic Design hardware. The long-awaited feature took two years to complete and the film's animators shot a total of 370,000 frames, of which 123,840 were used in the final edit.

“Disaster!” used digital still cameras and each shot is an individual photo in high-res 4K frame size. "Because of the cost of using film, it was out of the question," says Solventdreams founder, David Davidson. "Using digital stills within a video workflow gave us highly compressed RAW files, which are so much easier to work with. You can transfer them to a digital drive or other media, uncompress them, burn them to tape, whatever. And it’s so much more cost-effective than going to a lab, then sending to Telecine at $150 to $500 per hour for processing.”

The full story of the Solventdreams acheivement can be seen on the Apple site at:

The trailer for Disaster! can be streamed from Solventdreams at:

About Solventdreams, LLC:
Solventdreams operates a full HD studio focused on creative post for independent film and is based in Silverlake, California, where their 4000 sq. ft studio houses color, design, editorial, HD online and 5.1 sound capabilities.

For more about Solventdreams, visit them online at:


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