Boris FX to Exhibit at NAB 2006


New Solutions include Boris Blue and Boris Red

Last Updated: January 16, 2006 5:47 pm GMT
(Boston, MA) Boris FX, the leading developer of integrated effects technology for video and film, will demonstrate new solutions including Boris Blue version 1.0 and Boris Red version 4.0 at NAB 2006. The latest Boris FX solutions will be demonstrated at booth SL2596, as well as the Avid Partner Pavilion, booth SL1513. Boris solutions are also included as part of the third annual NAB Post|Production World Conference.

Designed specifically for editors, Red integrates with more than 20 supported NLEs, including Apple Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Avid systems. Red offers an unprecedented range of features and adds the Red Engine for standalone rendering. Boris Red is a powerful and versatile application that integrates advanced 2D and 3D compositing, industry-leading software DVE technology, robust 3D extrusion and animation, native vector titling, motion tracking, vector paint, rotoscoping, Adobe Illustrator file animation and extrusion and more, all in a single plug-in.

Version 4.0 introduces dozens of new features, including new filters, 16-bit color support and a sophisticated new paint engine. The new raster paint engine features clone and roller brushes. A raster to vector convertor tool can automatically convert a bitmap raster file into an animatable extruded vector shape. Among the new filters, the Motion Path filter animates objects on a spline path. You can also import EBU subtitle files to generate standard subtitles for multiple languages and DVDs. Improved integration with Avid® and Apple® Final Cut Pro® systems has also been added. Boris Red version 4.0 is expected to ship in Q3 2006.

Boris Blue is a 3D compositing and motion graphics solution based on the award-winning Boris Red plug-in. This standalone application provides unprecedented 3D creativity with real-time performance to accelerate your workflow. Although it hadn’t yet shipped, Blue won a Vidy Award at NAB 2005 in recognition of outstanding achievement in the advancement of the art and science of video technology. Version 1.0 will be shipping at NAB 2006. The initial release will support Windows only.

Adjust parameters with interactive real-time playback, including streaming video and audio. Create stunning looks by combining innovative "pixel shaders" with bump maps, noise patterns or natural materials along with light reflections and 3D shadows. Powerful OpenGL vertex shaders let you warp 3D objects with a simple one-parameter action. Bend and twist corners or wrap extruded text around curves. Define a custom curve to create highly detailed bevels with common spline drawing tools.

Powerful new 3D Particles use any shape as a particle while emitters can contain multiple particle types. Create unique looks by combining multiple shapes including 3D models. Integrate with other 3D applications by importing models saved in common 3D file formats. 3D Model Import preserves individual geometry groups, texture maps, and bump maps.

Boris Red version 4.0 and Boris Blue will be shown at NAB 2006 at the Las Vegas Convention Center from April 24-27 in booth SL2596. Boris FX will also showcase other integrated solutions including Boris Final Effects Complete and version 4.1 of Boris Continuum Complete (BCC) at NAB 2006. A new BCC training DVD will also debut. This DVD provides an additional method for both novice and experienced editors to learn more about using BCC in the Adobe environment.

About Boris FX
Founded in 1995 in Boston MA, Boris FX is the leading developer of integrated graphics and effects technology, delivering 3D compositing and vector graphic products for the broadcast, post production, film and multi-media industries. Since the company's inception, Boris products have grown to serve over 125,000 artists worldwide. A great part of its success lies in the ability to tightly integrate and leverage technologies through strong partnerships with industry-leading manufacturers including Adobe®, Apple®, Autodesk®, Avid®, Canopus®, Discreet®, Eyeon®, in-sync®, Incite®, Leitch®, Matrox®, Media 100®, Sony Pictures Digital®, and Ulead®. For more information, visit


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