Hitachi to Highlight New Transmission Systems for Video over TCP/IP Transport


New Sinelink Digital Transceiver Series Enables Broadcasters and Facility Managers to Take Full Advantage of Transmitting Digital Video via License-Free RF band channels

Last Updated: February 1, 2006 6:44 pm GMT
(WOODBURY, NEW YORK, FEBRUARY 1, 2006) Recognizing the reality that video is increasingly a digitized commodity to be transmitted and managed through standard IT channels, Hitachi Kokusai Electric America, Ltd. is highlighting a new series of RF license-free transmission systems for use in the transport of video over TCP/IP networks. To be introduced at NAB 2006 (Booth C3926), the Sinelink series is designed for broadcasters and facility managers who need to easily transmit digital signals wirelessly from place to place where physical or environmental obstructions exist.

“Until now, this kind of product has primarily by used by IT groups and entities,” said Emilio Aleman, Product Manager, Broadcast & Professional, Hitachi Kokusai Electric America, Ltd. “We’re targeting the TV industry with this new short-haul, RF license-free  data transmission system because broadcasters increasingly need to transmit digital video as data wirelessly for a variety of applications at minimum expense and inconvenience.”

Sinelink-24 operates in the 24GHz band and delivers a 56Mbps bi-directional payload; Sinelink-60 operates in the 60GHz band, delivering a bi-directional payload of 1.485Gbps.  Both are versatile, license-free, digital RF transmissions systems ideal for broadcast and industrial use.

Sinelink provides a wireless data link that overcomes physical obstacles in the extension of or reach of a LAN, WAN or MAN. It can be used to transmit SDI video as well as data via RJ45, TCP/IP protocol on GB-LAN networks and is extremely cost-effective when compared to wired or optical networks.

Sinelink can be used with third party encoders and TCP/IP encapsulators.

Both Sinelink-24 and Sinelink-60 are available now.

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