Chesapeake Camera First Rental House in N'eastern U.S. to Select Fujinon Lenses with Precision Focus Assist


First Rental House in Northeastern U.S. to Select Fujinon HA13x4.5BRD and HA22X7.3BRD ENG-Style Lenses with Precise Focusing Technology

Last Updated: February 15, 2006 5:54 pm GMT
(WAYNE, New Jersey, February 15, 2006) Chesapeake Camera, based in Linthicum, Maryland, is the first production rental company in the Northeast to purchase Fujinon ENG-style lenses with Precision Focus Assist technology.

The gear, which Chesapeake Camera received in November, includes Fujinon’s HA13X4.5BRD and HA22X7.3BRD wide angle HD lenses.  Precision Focus Assist is a built-in feature that addresses precise focus issues in HDTV production stemming from the format’s shallow depth of focus and the lack of size and resolution in camera viewfinders. Chesapeake Camera is currently supplying the lenses to its documentary and field production clientele.

Chesapeake Camera, a Fujinon customer for the past five years, made this recent acquisition to provide its regular customers with high-quality, HD ENG-Style lenses. "The Precision Focus Assist system is ideal for verité shooting, which is why we’re supplying them to people who do ENG and documentary work," said Bob Dorsey, Owner, Chesapeake Camera. "In automatic mode the system optimizes focus for you, ensuring the images will be of the highest possible quality. And it does not require tight zooming to focus, performing even on wide shots. This is a tremendous benefit for those capturing images in the field where time is always of the essence. It essentially guarantees that you walk away with the most focused shots possible."

Chesapeake Camera recently rented the Fujinon lenses to crew in the Middle East for an upcoming National Geographic "Mysteries of the Bible" special. "The ability to have precise and durable lenses is a big plus to camera operators, especially when they work alone in remote regions, without any kind of support to lend a hand in case anything goes wrong," said Jeff Schmale, Manager, Chesapeake Camera.

Other production companies in the region have expressed an interest in renting the company's new Fujinon lenses with Precision Focus Assist. Schmale reported, "Among the companies are Maryland-based Freedom Digital, which uses a one-person camera crew to shoot footage for the Baltimore Ravens, and DC-based Squire-Knapp-Dunn, which conducts unplanned, last-minute interviews for politicians."

Using Precision Focus Assist, a selectable area of the video image is sampled as the focus point. The camera operator can adjust the user selectable point with a roller-ball type of controller, similar to a computer mouse, to position the focus point. The camera operator can then select manual or automatic focus assist. In the manual mode, there are three, colored LED's that assist in achieving optimum focus. Because the smaller viewfinders on HD cameras lack high-quality resolution, operators often believe they've achieved focus when they haven’t. And home viewers with 50" HD screens can easily see slight defocusing of the HDTV image that would not be discernable in standard definition.

"Our lenses with Precision Focus Assist provide more visual information, whether it is from the horizontal field of view or within the magnification of distant subjects," said Dave Waddell, Marketing Manager, Fujinon. "This system gives that operator complete confidence in the images they’re sending out to air. The operator may not see the improvement on the camera's viewfinder, but a video operator looking at the image on a 50" monitor in a studio or truck will notice the improvement. This also puts the role of focus back where it should be - in the hands of the camera operator. These two lenses selected by Chesapeake Camera meet their customers' needs, while providing the image quality, control and durability they’re asking for."

In addition to the HA13X4.5BRD and HA22X7.3BRD lenses, Chesapeake Camera also owns an array of Fujinon SD lenses ranging from 5.5 mm to 300mm.

The HA13X4.5BRD is a 2/3-inch format wide-angle lens with the widest angle in the market – 4.5mm with a 93.6-degree horizontal field of view. It also features servo focus and servo zoom. This lens offers the precise focusing and superior optical quality demanded for HD applications but with the durability and light weight expected by professionals who regularly shoot in the field.

The HA22X7.3BRD is also a 2/3-inch format wide-angle HD lens with the most comprehensive angular field of view in its class, ideal for equipment rental companies such as Chesapeake Camera with demanding clientele and professionals that require pristine images for commercials and studio programs. With its reduced focus breathing, a flexible F-stop range (up to 1.9) and the exclusive DigiPower servo system for fast and accurate zooming, the lens is the perfect complement to remote location documentary work. Like the HA13X4.5BRD, the HA22x7.3BRD features a 2X extender, servo focus and servo zoom.

About Chesapeake Camera
Chesapeake Camera is the largest, most complete rental shop in the Mid-Atlantic, serving Washington, DC, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia. The company rents a full line of SD and HD video gear, as well as 35mm motion picture equipment.

About Fujinon
Fujinon is a major manufacturer and distributor of optics and lens assemblies for the broadcast, digital cinema and industrial markets. The company’s line of television zoom lenses are used in virtually every segment of the broadcast industry, including electronic newsgathering, studio and field production, and high definition television. For more information about Fujinon broadcast and communications products, call 973- 633-5600 or visit our web site at


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