Mumford Video Maintains Clear Path to HD with Fujinon HD Lens


Last Updated: March 20, 2006 7:28 pm GMT
(Parrish, FL, March 20, 2006) Bill Mumford, of Mumford Video Productions (MVP) has been a freelance videographer for seventeen years, and for virtually the entire time his lenses of choice have been Fujinon.

As a veteran, he knows that shortly he’ll need to upgrade to an HDTV camera, but two things have caused him to wait. One is the cost of HD, but a greater concern is that he believes there are still format issues to be resolved.

Recently, as an interim step, he bought a Fujinon HA22X7.8 ERM/ERD HDTV ENG/EFP lens and uses it on his own Beta SP camera. The results have been outstanding. "It's made my camera dramatically better," Mumford reported.

For years one of Mumford's main clients has been CBS, and he shoots significant footage for the news magazine series "48 Hours." His other clients include ABC and ESPN.

Until about a year ago, Mumford shot with his standard definition Ikegami V55, a camera he'd come to depend on. But after the camera was stolen a year ago, Mumford wasn’t certain how to replace it. He considered a high definition camera but concluded, "I wasn't ready to go to HD. The formats are still changing and evolving."

He decided to simply replace his camera with another Ikegami V55. The camera came with another brand of lens and Mumford said, "I just didn't like the way my interview shots were turning out."

A friend suggested he try a different lens and Mumford switched to a high definition lens from Fujinon, the HA22X7.8 ERM/ERD HDTV ENG/EFP lens.

Mumford says he figured since he knows he'll switch to an HDTV camera in a year or two, so buying a high definition lens now made economic sense. "I don’t have a high def camera but everything is moving that way," he said. "For my purposes, it just seemed right to start my HD progression with the lens."

The lens made an immediate difference, according to Mumford: "Since I switched to the Fujinon lens, the interviews are looking great. My clients are very pleased with the results."

The Fujinon HA22X7.8 ERM/ERD HDTV ENG/EFP lens is a portable HD lens that can cover all the shooting areas from telephoto to wide angle with 21-zoom ratio and the focal length from 7.8 mm at wide end to 172 mm at telephoto end. The adoption of the newly developed inner focus mechanism as well as low-dispersion, high-reflection, lightweight glass has reduced the mass to 1.78 kg (standard type) which is equivalent to that of existing portable lenses. This has allowed the lens to provide a high degree of operability.

Fujinon is a major manufacturer and distributor of optics and lens assemblies for the broadcast, digital cinema, and industrial markets. The company's line of television zoom lenses are used in virtually every segment of the broadcast industry, including electronic newsgathering, studio and field production, and high definition television. For more information about Fujinon broadcast and communications products, call 1-973-633-5600 or visit our web site at


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