Audio Network Launches Revolutionary Music Hard Drive


Last Updated: March 23, 2006 4:57 pm GMT
(23rd March 2006) Audio Network, pioneers of the revolutionary service for high quality music and sound effects, announced today the launch of AudioPod a 250Gb hard drive system for delivering its recordings. The unique system will plug straight into any editing system, such as Avid or Final Cut Pro, via a USB or Firewire connection and tracks will be able to be imported straight into the production's timeline offering clients major time, financial and storage benefits.

Audio Network is now loading AudioPod into facility houses and production companies and is available free of charge to customers with an annual subscription and for £150.00 for non-subscription customers. 

AudioPod comes pre-loaded with a comprehensive search engine, similar to the company's existing website, and all the 9000 tracks are in full quality WAV files rather than the compressed MP3 formats favoured by some other music suppliers.

Robert Hurst, Audio Network's Commercial Director said; "there is a clear advantage for music users to be able to search and download their music without having to muddle through piles of CDs and since our catalogues are growing so fast, it is actually easier for us to send customers new hard drives than keep track of thousands of CDs."

A number of leading production companies and broadcasters have already expressed enthusiasm for the product and intend to put the drives on the companies' internal networks so that everyone has instant access to Audio Network's content.

The first drive will only be loaded with music tracks, however Audio Network plans to bring out sound effects and classical music drives in the near future.


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