JETDV Scripts announces the release of Excalibur 5 for Sony Vegas


Last Updated: April 10, 2006 5:51 pm GMT
(Monday, April 10, 2006—CREAL SPRINGS, IL) Excalibur Multi-cam has been re-engineered and is now faster than ever. Speed increases of 400% to over 5000% have been measured (depending on the number of camera switches in the project). Adding new camera switches is also 50% faster than before!

Excalibur can automatically create the project, assist in syncing the camera angles, and even pre-render the PIPd view for faster framerates. Easily run Multi-cam as many times as desired tweaking marker location and names as desired or use the added Takes to quickly change any camera angle after Multi-cam has been run. Excalibur is flexible enough to work the way YOU want to work!

Don’t like the tally color chosen? Quickly change it to another color at any time during the editing process. Plus you can create your own standard or animated tallys to achieve your own look.

The Video Scrapbook tool has simplified the process of panning and scanning pictures for photo montages. Not only does it still pan up to the entire image (including the areas outside the "Match Aspect" area), now it will add varying degrees of rotation to your images to add even more variety.

Want to label all the photos? Quick Labels has been expanded allowing you to choose the Font, Font Syle, Font Size, Font Color, whether or not you want a background, and the background color. Visually see a representation of your choices on the screen and use the new positioning tool to indicate where the titles should appear.

The Save VEG File tool has always allowed saving an emergency copy to another drive and append additional date/time information at the push of a button. A new standalone "Save Veg File As" tool will allow entry of a note which will also be appended to the file name. This tool allows quickly going back to any specific previous version of your project.

Plus many, many more enhancements have been made including: saving marker information when rendering, adding or removing video and audio effects, adding and removing transitions, using a "Blue Cat" automation envelope to determine Voice Over segments, and applying four points to ANY envelope on the timeline.

For all these time saving enhancements and more, check out the new supercharged Excalibur 5 at . Be sure to check out the videos demonstrating various features of Excalibur.

Excalibur: Saves you time which saves you money! Order or try out the demo today.


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