Wexler Video to Purchase 25 XDCAM HD Camcorders


New Optical Camcorders to be Outfitted with Canon Lenses

Last Updated: May 2, 2006 4:40 pm GMT
(PARK RIDGE, May 2, 2006) Wexler Video is purchasing 25 of Sony’s new XDCAM™ HD optical disc camcorders. The camcorders will be equipped with Canon lenses.

The camcorders will be delivered in May, and put to use by Wexler’s clients working in TV and motion picture applications, as well as independent cinematography, documentary and industrial video production.

“There is a growing need for cost-effective video production solutions that make high-definition quality available to those working on an SD budget,” said Chris Thompson, president and CEO of Wexler Video. “Many TV shows are ready to go HD right now but their only barrier is budget constraints. The XDCAM HD technology removes those barriers and offers features not even available on many higher-end cameras.”

Sony’s new PDW-F350 model offers true variable frame rate recording capabilities; also commonly known as “over-cranking” and “under-cranking” or “slow-motion/fast motion” functionality. According to Wexler, this feature, among others, will appeal to professionals in reality TV production and newsmagazine programming, where the standard-definition version of the XDCAM system is already prevalent.

“Our clients are already used to the workflow benefits made possible by the XDCAM system, including immediate random access to data, in-camera editing capabilities and proxy transfer,” said Joel Ordesky, vice president of technology for Wexler Video. “Now they can put an HD infrastructure in place for the future while still realizing the same optical efficiencies they’ve become accustomed to.”

The Sony camcorders will be equipped with Canon’s portable HD lenses, including the KH21ex5.7 IRSE telephoto and KH10ex3.6 IRSE wide-angle models.

“The 2x extender on both the wide and the long lens are critical to our clients,” Ordesky said. “These lenses include features that they’ve come to depend upon and can’t do without for their production requirements.”

Wexler expects the new camcorders to be put to use “across the board” by its clients in an array of video production applications. Since 2004, Wexler notes that it has supplied the standard-definition version of the XDCAM system to several leading shows, including “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition,” “Nanny 911,” “MTV Punk’ed” “Next Top Model” “MTV’s Making the Band” and many others.



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Where did Steve Lucas super duper video engineer go?

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