LiveCargo Launches Mobile Productivity Tools: Users Can Access Information Any Time, Any Where, from Any Device


Productivity Tools Promote Seamless Mobility for the Mobile Workforce

Last Updated: May 5, 2006 5:00 pm GMT
(Greensboro, North Carolina – May, 2006) Aimed at addressing problems with access, storage and collaboration of documents and media files across mobile and wireless networks, LiveCargo, Inc. ( has announced the release of LiveCargo mobile productivity tools that give people access to their information from any place, at any time, and using virtually any mobile device, including smart phones and other Internet-accessible phones.

Targeting the mobile workforce, LiveCargo enables seamless access to information by allowing people to store, share and collaborate on documents and media files of practically any size and across disparate networks such as GSM, CDMA and WiFi.

Sending, storing and collaborating with electronic documents and digital media securely and reliably using smart phones, PCs and other wireless devices can be difficult, time-consuming and expensive. People who try to manage documents and media files using email often find that email attachments containing large files are rejected and returned by email servers. FTP is cumbersome and often requires intervention by IT staff. Smart phones and other mobile devices restrict what people can do with large documents, such as PowerPoint and video files. As a result, there is no effective way to seamlessly share files or collaborate with others – until now.

Uniquely, LiveCargo combines patent-pending file management and collaboration technology, remote storage, message notification and proprietary file encryption to let people use the Internet or other wireless networks to access, store and collaborate on electronic information with any desktop, mobile computing or communications device. LiveCargo is device-agnostic so it works with any type of PC, smart phone or other wireless device.

“Individuals want their work documents and media files available where and when they need them, not just when they’re in the office,” said Doug Young, CEO of LiveCargo. “Furthermore, the convergence of smart phones, PDAs and other computing devices with wireless broadband connectivity brings almost limitless opportunity and LiveCargo wants to help people take advantage of it.”

"Even when I'm traveling overseas for business, I can have peace of mind because I am able to access my important files via my virtual storage at LiveCargo,” said S C Chok, General Manager, Safety, Security and Protection Services Business 3M Technologies (S) Pte Ltd. “LiveCargo also lets me share files with my colleagues in real time. I can send large files to them to view and to work on no matter where they are. This way, we have enhanced mobility which definitely increases our productivity as a whole."

"LiveCargo has been a great tool for me to do collaboration with my vendors, especially when I have to send many large source files to my printing agency,” said Evelyn Leong, APAC Channel Training/Events/Membership Opx, BPMG, with Intel Technology Asia. “LiveCargo is web-based and easy to use. My vendors receive notification of the files I have uploaded almost immediately and can easily download to their work environment.”

LiveCargo is available free including up to 25MB of remote storage. Monthly and yearly subscriptions for additional storage start at $4.95 per month. Visit for more details.

About LiveCargo
LiveCargo, Inc. provides mobile productivity tools that enable seamless mobility for the mobile workforce. LiveCargo gives people access to their files any time, any where and with most any computing device. The company offers proprietary, patent-pending technology that enables mobile users to share and collaborate on documents and media files using smart phones, PCs and other wireless computing devices. Simple to use and with significantly faster file management than existing solutions, LiveCargo offers secure collaboration with audio integration, transfer and storage of documents and digital media across disparate networks. LiveCargo operates two data centers, one located in Singapore serving Asia and one in Washington, D.C., serving the U.S. and Europe.


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