New MTV Comedic Reality Series, "Jamie Kennedy's Blowin' Up," Shot With Panasonic AG-DVX100B Mini-DV Cameras


Last Updated: May 18, 2006 4:22 pm GMT
(SECAUCUS, NJ --May 18, 2006) MTV has just premiered the comedic reality series, Jamie Kennedy's Blowin' Up, which follows the hilarious Kennedy and his sidekick Stu Stone as they attempt to fulfill their lifelong dream of Hip-Hop superstardom. All the comic, quixotic action for eight half-hour episodes was captured with six AG-DVX100B mini-DV 3-CCD 24p camcorders from Panasonic Broadcast.

The duo set out on an unstoppable and brilliantly funny mission to take on the music industry by storm. Driven by their own original music, which they write, record and perform together, Jamie and Stu knock on every door, meeting with top music executives and seeking advice from Hip-Hop's biggest stars, only to discover that while rappers have no problem breaking into acting, it isn't so simple the other way around. Throughout their journey, Jamie and Stu encounter Three 6 Mafia, Jason Biggs, Russell Simmons, Bow Wow, Bob Saget, Paul Wall, George Lucas, Ice-T, Mena Suvari, DJ AM, Tara Reid, Method Man, Mike Jones, Ed McMahon and other celebrity talent.

Blowin' Up will air Tuesday nights at 10:30 (ET/PT), and then will run many more times during the week across MTV platforms. The show can also be downloaded through ITunes.

Los Angeles-based Hoosick Falls Productions and MTV hired David Thies to be the Director of Photography for Blowin' Up. Thies is himself the principal of full-service production company Tvacom Film and TV, with locations both in LA and Cincinnati, OH.

Thies currently owns three DVX100As, and he used that camera to shoot the Blowin' Up pilot last October. Hoosick Falls Products took delivery of six AG-DVX100B upgrade models immediately before the eight-week, LA-based Blowin' Up shoot began.

"I was responsible for the six cameras and three operators," Thies recounted. "We mounted three cameras on a Hummer H2, used three cameras hand-held, and let Jamie and Stu go about their business as we documented them in their pursuit to make it in the hip hop, rap world. The Hummer was used as a location because so much great conversation happened in there. Sometimes, during the pair's music performances, we would shoot all six cameras, jib-mounted."

"The DVX100B's camera features allowed us to set up our look in one camera and use a four-pin Firewire cable to send that look to the other five cameras," Thies continued. "We shot the series in 24p with a few tweaks to the factory settings on scene file 5. It was challenging at times because when you're shooting reality, it's run and gun, and lighting isn't always the greatest."

"It was a constant struggle driving around in the Hummers because you could see out the window, and every time we made a turn the sun would be blasting from a new angle," he said. "But with the Panasonic cameras, I had all the confidence in the world because I had shot with them for so long that I knew that I could gain up to 9db and I wouldn't get any noise to be worried about. Jamie and Stu both came up to me to talk about the great picture we are getting out of such a small camera.

"Of course, the DVX100B also allowed us to have a smaller footprint when we went out in public, whether to record company meetings or red carpet events. The camera is so unobtrusive than most subjects would simply look at us once, and then go about their business. Bigger cameras sometimes turn people off or spook them. With the DVX100B, we could jump in and out of cars, and move through crowds more easily."

Thies also "slid into a post-production position" as the on-line editor for the Blowin' Up. He cited a Final Cut Pro post workflow, with network deliverables mastered to Digi Beta.

Thies has begun pre-production on two more pilots for Hoosick Fall Productions and George Verschoor, Executive Producer and owner of the company. The DP recently purchased Panasonic's hand-held, solid-state AG-HVX200 DVCPRO HD camcorder, with the intentions of offering fast-paced HD program production to his clients.

As a boutique, full-service production company, Thies' Tvacom Film and TV handles all phases of production and attributes part of its success to the ability to shoot efficiently and docu-style with minimum interference during performances and events. The company shoots exclusively with the Panasonic cameras. For more information, visit

Rod Aissa is executive producer of Blowin' Up. Jamie Kennedy and Stu Stone also serve as executive producers. George Verschoor is executive producer and show runner. Pamela Kohl and Michael Rotenberg are also executive producers. Michael Ireland is Manager of Series Development. The series will be produced for MTV through Kennedy's Jizzy Entertainment and Verschoor's Hoosick Falls Productions. For complete information on Blowin' Up, visit

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Small cameras is where it's at
by Nailhead
I agree that small cameras don't attract alot of attention. My team recorded a reality-like documentary with an army of 14 camera operators using tiny 3 chip cameras. We were able to be very agile and go anywhere we needed!

Eric Fullerton
Re: News: New MTV Comedic Reality Series, "Jamie Kennedy's Blowin' Up," Shot With Panasonic AG-DVX100B Mini-DV Cameras
by Mag One
This story is so bad A** Great Job with the show!!

Alex Garcia
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