Digital Heaven offers free Final Cut Plug-ins


Last Updated: May 22, 2006 6:11 pm GMT
Digital Heaven, one of the leading creators of software for Apple's pro apps, today announced that two of their useful Final Cut plug-ins are now available as free downloads.

A generator which displays a grid with up to ten divisions. The horizontal and vertical divisions can be independently set and the grid drawn over either the entire frame or a custom defined area.

Displays left, right, top and bottom guides in three different styles. It also offers the useful ability to scale the distance between the guides.

DH_Grid and DH_Guides are available for free download today from the Digital Heaven website at

The remaining 10 plug-ins including innovative solutions for fixing dead pixels, creating split-screens and subtitles are available for individual purchase for $20 to $40 each from the Digital Heaven online store.


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