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Leading European Postproduction Company to Institute Thomson’s Comprehensive Content Security System

Last Updated: May 22, 2006 6:21 pm GMT
(Paris, France – May 22, 2006) Thomson (Euronext 18453; NYSE: TMS) and Quinta Industries, the major European group for post-production and distribution services, today announced that Quinta Industries will adopt Thomson Content Security’s NexGuard™, the only digital rights and media management suite of tools specially tailored for the professional entertainment environment. This joint announcement establishes Quinta Industries, a Thomson preferred partner since 2004, as the first entity to deploy the NexGuard™ security solution. Introduced at NAB2006, NexGuard™ is an essential tool for content producers and distributors in the worldwide battle against piracy.

“As we move into a completely digital workflow, it is more important than ever to protect our client’s content,” said Quinta Industries president Jean-Robert Gibard. “With Thomson’s NexGuard™ in place, they will have the peace of mind that comes from choosing a company with the most powerful postproduction and delivery security tools available today.”

“With credits such as ‘A very long engagement’, ‘Alexander the Great’ and ‘2046’, Quinta Industries is a top postproduction player,” said Jean-Charles Hourcade, CTO of Thomson. “It also has a strong history of innovation, and is taking the lead, again, by being the first adopter of our industry-leading NexGuard™ solution.”

NexGuard™ secures and streamlines the storage, transfer and viewing of digital content in production, postproduction and distribution using encryption, digital watermarking, key tokens, a proprietary media player and other software solutions. It manages content across multiple postproduction sites within a company and among producers, agencies and other adjunct personnel.

Using NexGuard™ Packager, clients encrypt content and embed digital rights management information that limits access to authorized personnel and customers; using NexGuard™ Granter, employees decrypt the content and gain access to perform postproduction tasks; and with NexGuard™ Viewer, sanctioned third parties review materials, which are watermarked to deter illegal copying.

Quinta Industries will deploy NexGuard™ throughout its digital services divisions, taking security to the next level. The Quinta Industries companies adopting the technologies include: LTC and Duran Duboi facilities, Scanlab video laboratory, and Auditoriums of Boulogne and Joinville.

The NexGuard™ suite of tools is being demonstrated in a special VIP suite at the Carlton Hotel from May 18 – 26, 2006 at the Cannes Film Festival.

About Quinta Industries
Quinta Industries, a company controlled by Mr Tarak Ben AMMAR, is a major European group for post-production and distribution services.
Quinta Industries group includes LTC (photochemical laboratory, production and large prints release), Scanlab (video laboratory, restoration, film recording), DURAN (3D Animation, TV post-production, commercials), DUBOI (Cinema post-production, DI, special effects), Auditoriums of BOULOGNE and JOINVILLE (sound mixing, editing rooms), SIS (sound mixing, editing rooms), SIS-TV (sound mixing for TV products), Cinestéréo (optical transfer, digital or analog transfer, sound restoration) and Acousti Studios (music studio).

Quinta Industries markets digital services for post-production customers, including distributors, integrated in a vertical film process. The group will propose a QSS (Quinta Services Solutions) to complete its anti-piracy sets mainly for producers, distributors and media companies. Quinta Industries is leading in France with exclusive systems to secure contents, copyrights and confidential files. It will be the sole protection existing for its customers. The exclusive system will be released for Quinta Industries partners and included in the Quinta Industries global contract for anti piracy services solutions integrated in the specific Quinta Industries secure revenue chain.

About Thomson’s Technology Division
Thomson’s Technology division develops and supplies advanced products, services and technologies to entertainment and media companies. One of three divisions of Thomson, S.A., it has four business units: Corporate Research; Intellectual Property & Licensing, which has a portfolio of more than 50,000 patents; Silicon Solutions, which develops advanced integrated circuits; and Software & Technology Solutions, which focuses on content security, image quality and user interface.


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