Barix Brings IP Audio Streaming Expertise to Infocomm 2006


Company introduces Exstreamer-100 audio decoder, the latest addition to the company’s cost-effective and versatile IP audio product range

Last Updated: May 30, 2006 4:23 pm GMT
(ZURICH, SWITZERLAND, May 30, 2006) Barix AG, a pioneer in IP-based audio, intercom and control/monitoring, will introduce Exstreamer-100 at Infocomm 2006 (Booth #1485).

The Exstreamer-100 is the latest addition to the Barix family of Instreamer and Exstreamer audio encoding and decoding products. At Infocomm 2006, Barix will demonstrate its point-to-point and multipoint strategies for IP audio streaming, with an emphasis on new capabilities afforded by using the Exstreamer-100 for audio decoding. The company will also display its intercom and automation products, which can be used separately or in tandem with the Instreamer/Exstreamer for IP audio streaming.

The Barix Instreamer and Exstreamer offer unparalleled scalability for IP audio decoding, distribution, encoding and monitoring. They are useful in both point-to-point and multiroom applications at a single location, such as a hotel or restaurant, or point-to-multipoint situations for a large chain of stores. The Instreamer can be used to encode audio for radio stations, podcasting, lecture recording and monitoring.

Barix products feature open standards and integrate well with other software and equipment such as distribution servers, media players and even IP phone systems for paging and background music applications. For in-store streaming applications, every store can receive its own real-time audio feed, and the performance and function of the system can be easily monitored – features not possible with satellite based streaming. Thousands of Exstreamer-100s are already used in these applications.

“The Barix Instreamer and Exstreamer hardware platforms offer an inexpensive, reliable and proven way of distributing real-time and on-demand audio over standard IP network infrastructure for a variety of audio applications.” said Johannes Rietschel, CEO of Barix. “The various markets that can benefit from IP distribution are beginning to understand the benefits of leveraging mature IP technologies to achieve inexpensive, reliable audio transmission over an existing IP infrastructure. This allows businesses to vastly reduce costs incurred using satellite or leased-line based technologies, and offers far better control and monitoring.”

The Exstreamer-100, as with other Exstreamer models, is an intelligent, network based audio decoder that pulls digital audio from an IP network and converts it to music or voice. Unlike previous Exstreamer models, the Exstreamer-100 offers redundancy through automatic switchover to backup streams or USB playback until the main stream is stabilized. It can also be used as a solid state, reliable USB audio player with remote control capabilities. A fully customer programmable software version, available as a pre-release, allows system integrators and OEMs to develop their own applications in a network-, audio-, or USB-flash environment for scheduling announcers, network or I/O triggered alarming devices with supervision.

The Exstreamer-100 still supports the classic “Exstreamer” firmware, which uses an award winning synchronization feature to ensure synchronized playback over multiple Exstreamers connected to a single streaming source. This is especially useful in multiroom audio streaming, when more than one Exstreamer device playing the same audio is located in the same building.

The Exstreamer-100 is the latest in a series of inexpensive Barix hardware products that allow audio professionals and enthusiasts to build complete, cost-effective audio streaming solutions for a variety of applications. In addition to the Instreamer and Exstreamer platforms, Barix Annuncicom products for IP intercom can be used to make announcements on top of streamed audio.

The Annuncicom devices will also be on display at Infocomm 2006, along with the company’s various automation products. The Barix Barionet product range can be used in various automation applications to detect operational status, collect data, transmit control commands and activate controls and alarms.

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Barix AG, headquartered in Zurich Switzerland, specializes in research and development of state of the art IP based communication and control technology. Barix products are stand-alone and able to remotely connect worldwide over standard networks / Internet offering new and improved solutions to the professional audio distribution, communication and automation industry. Barix products provide solutions in audio over IP (audio distribution and monitoring, communication, security) and automation (remote controlling, monitoring and maintenance). They are used in various applications such as in-store music and advertisements for supermarkets, church broadcasting, distance learning, audio distribution for hotels, offices and hospitals, intercom systems and PAs, solutions for radio and studio broadcasting, M2M machine communication, automation in lighting and doors, security solutions as surveillance and access control. The Barix team provides customers with state of the art technology offering standard and customized products, private labeling, licensing and OEM development.


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