Dutch facility Valkieser Capital Images orders systems from Digital Vision for new grading theatre


Last Updated: June 27, 2006 4:43 pm GMT
(Stockholm, Sweden – June 27, 2006) Digital Vision, a leading developer of advanced digital media applications specialising in film and video solutions, revealed today that Valkieser Capital Images, the Netherlands, has purchased a Nucoda Film Master and Nucoda Film Cutter – providing the facility with superior equipment for working on commercials, documentaries and feature films.

The Nucoda Film Master will be housed in a grading suite together with a Barco dp90p digital cinema projector and the Nucoda Film Cutter will be used in a separate suite with a Millennium scanner.

Talking about the decision to purchase from Digital Vision, Antonie Colbers, Head of Engineering, explained, “We took our time and carefully considered all the options that were available to us, but it became clear that the Digital Vision solution could not only handle all our requirements, but gave us supreme flexibility in enabling us to comply with all our clients needs and wishes.” He added, “DI equipment needs to be intuitive and reliable and our colourists are very excited that we decided on the Digital Vision equipment.”

Valkieser has traditionally been involved in commercials, but increasingly, its client base is using the facility for documentaries and feature films/DI work. The Digital Vision equipment is being installed now and is going to be utilised on the feature film Blind. Using the equipment as part of the DI process, Valkieser will be responsible for working some challenging motion tracking during the grading sessions, as well as negotiating complex make-up and a lot of scenes in fog-filled rooms.

“Securing the Blind project is a major achievement for us and we are not only excited by this development, but in having the opportunity to use one of the best DI solutions available on the market,” said Senior Colourist Gerlof Kamerling. He continued, “We can’t wait to be let loose on the Digital Vision kit!”

Freelance Colourists like Kevin Shaw will also be available at Valkieser Capital Images on the new Digital Vision kit

Robert Ekström, President of Digital Vision summed up the sale by saying, “Premier facilities like Valkieser Capital Images are all realising the benefit of using our equipment. It’s exciting to be part of the creative process and to watch as the colourists push our systems further and further and achieve more and more.”


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