Zoic Studios Helps Transform Frankfurt Into A Home Away From Home


Last Updated: August 1, 2006 3:25 pm GMT
(Los Angeles, CA - August 1 2006) Think home re-design... then imagine it on an epic scale. Zoic Studios recently collaborated with Director Marcus Nispel to create a fanciful makeover for a new German TCOM spot in which downtown Frankfurt is magically transformed into a welcoming living room complete with furniture, flooring, curtains and wallpaper. Why? Because TCOM offers a great telephone service that is both a home line and a mobile number for when you are out and about.

The spot opens with workmen transcending on the city as dawn begins to break. Throughout the morning helicopters buzz in and out carrying large loads of material necessary for the transformation effort. On the ground, contractors and designers meticulously place each design element bringing all the comforts of home to the newly remolded metropolis. The spot climaxes as our hero strolls from his house and is awe-stuck to discover his living room now extends as far as his eyes can see.

To achieve this spectacular re-design, Zoic Studios modeled and composited CG helicopters, curtains, flooring, furniture and lampshades to create the look of home throughout the city. In addition to the CG elements, 2D wallpaper was composited onto several of the buildings. Once all the furnishings were in place, final color balancing was done in Flame. Additionally, because the live action scenes were filmed throughout a cloudy day in non-sequential order, each scene needed sky replacement and heavy color correction in Flame to create an appropriate aesthetic for the passing time of day.

The end result is a gorgeous and inventive spot that is sure to grab the attention of Germans and make them feel at home even when they are on the go.

Agency: SEA GmbH/Dusseldorf, Germany
Senior TV Producer: Lutz Brucher

Production Cos: Wunderfilm/Hamburg & XOVR/Santa Monica, CA
Exec. Producer: Stefan Jaehde (Germany)
Owner / Exec. Producer: Lee Nelson (US)
Executive Producer: Emanuel Humes (US)
Director: Marcus Nispel
Producer: Vincent Oster (US)

Visual Effects: Zoic Studios/Los Angeles, CA
Producer: Leighton Greer
Visual Effect Supervisor: Jean-Luc Dinsdale
Flame Artist: Mark Alan Loso
Combustion Artists: Lane Jolly / Sean Apple
After Effect Artist: Claudia Yi Leon
CG Lead Artist: Michael Capton
CG Artists: Lochlon Johnston / Eric Ebling / Sean Comer

Editorial: Union Editorial/Santa Monica
Executive Producer: Michael Raimondi
Senior Producer: Megan Dahlman
Editor: Einar


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