expands AMD Opteron server backbone


Internet's top community for film and video professionals relies on AMD 64bit performance

Last Updated: August 2, 2006 4:43 pm GMT
(Cambria, California -- August 2, 2006), publishers of Creative COW Magazine and home of the top-ranked video professionals community on the internet, today unveiled that they have expanded their server backbone to now include four multi-processor AMD® servers. Built by BOLData Technology of Fremont, California, and configured by Jason Howard of and Eric Bliss of CreativeCow, the servers include dual- and quad-Opteron systems that support CreativeCow's up to 11 million monthly pageviews and 7+ terabyte a month traffic/transfer levels.

"The AMD systems have been flawless since we began using them back in early 2003. They have allowed us to build a cost-efficient business that has had very reliable uptime performance, even during times when we are serving terabytes of data to the 290,000 unique IPs that log into our system during a month," says Ron Lindeboom, editor-in-chief of Creative Cow Magazine and co-founder of "Our web community can hit levels of 11 million pageviews a month on its own and with the addition of our new magazine, it has really tested the mettle of the Opteron. Added to the already heavy bandwidth of the community, the magazine can add terabytes of transfer and traffic when the PDFs of our online version come out for our international members to download. Some days, we see the servers being hit so hard that we doubt that anything less than the quad Opterons could handle these kinds of loads. It's why we have come to rely on AMD exclusively for our backbone. They have proven to be real performers."

Lindeboom continues: "While we may not be General Motors and aren't backed by a publishing conglomerate, we like to say that we have built this company one member and one server at a time. At each critical step, AMD has given us the kind of performance-to-cost ratio edge that has allowed us to remain profitable while giving us room to grow. With four multi-Opteron systems, we see our company adding services through the middle of next year, while supporting our current growth levels with the kind of power that our community has come to expect at Running under the Linux OS, the AMD Opteron servers have proved to be solid performers that have been an integral part of our rapid growth and success at"

With services like its industry-leading forum communities, video and print tutorials, articles and reviews, video and audio podcasts, print and PDF magazine editions and other services, relies on AMD and BOLData to maximize its efficiency and productivity in serving the film and video professionals community.

Creative COW stands for Creative Communities of the World and was founded in 2001 by Kathlyn & Ron Lindeboom. It is dedicated to film and video professionals and offers support, feedback, tutorials and other free services to its members. Advertiser supported, the site has continued its growth over the years and recently launched a free trade publication, Creative COW Magazine, that is mailed to over 20,000 members in the USA and is downloaded by nearly as many who read the PDF version available for international members. For more information, please visit and


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