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Last Updated: August 9, 2006 4:14 pm GMT
(GLENDALE CA, August 9, 2006) National TeleConsultants, the world's leading provider of strategic technology consulting and engineering design services for the media industry, continues its support of international technical conferences with a major presence at IBC, September 7-12, at the RAI Convention Center in Amsterdam, Holland. Drawing upon its 25 years of media design experience and unparalleled in-house expertise, NTC executives will produce an entire IBC 2006 Conference Theme Day, chair a major technical session, and present two key papers.

"NTC is honored to once again play a major role in support of IBC," states NTC Co-Founder and Managing Partner Eliot P. Graham. "As the premiere European conference and exposition for the television and digital media industries, IBC attracts key technical and business decision-makers from throughout the continent and around the world. The conference sessions, papers, and technology demonstrations presented each year at IBC can contribute greatly to international communication and understanding. NTC is proud to provide its expertise in support of this important event."
Headlined as the World of Content Creation, Management, and Delivery, IBC 2006's conference program will encompass a wide range of highly topical technical and business issues of vital importance to the entertainment production and delivery industries. To accomplish this goal, the conference program is divided into several major themes for day-long, highly structured topic exploration in the form of multiple paper presentations. Content Production is the topic of the Theme Day scheduled for Sunday, September 10, which is being produced by NTC Vice President Edward P. Hobson, who is also the President of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers.
"With more ways for consumers to view and use content (video and/or audio programs) than ever before, there are more issues involved in creating that content than ever before," explains Hobson. "The Content Production Theme Day will examine such areas as production tools and workflow, delivery to new media devices, standards, rights management, and even cultural issues. There's an ever-increasing number of technical issues that program producers must contend with if they want to participate in the new business opportunities of the digital, multi-channel content-delivery age."
Starting off the Content Production Theme Day, from 9:30 to 11 a.m., NTC Co-Founder and Managing Partner Chuck Phelan will chair the special IBC papers session titled "Producing Content for Multiple Distribution Channels." According to Phelan, "Such ‘channels' these days can include not only traditional standard-definition television, but also digital high-definition television, broadband Internet, mobile/cell phones, and other new highly portable media devices. This session will provide concrete examples of how program content can best be acquired, edited, and released for multiple distribution methods as part of a business that drives content to the consumer."
Among the six industry experts presenting papers during this Content Production Session will be NTC Principal Consultant Eric F. Pohl, who comments, "The purpose of my presentation is to raise awareness among program-production professionals of the constraints of alternative media-delivery devices. What may look great on a big-screen HDTV may not play at all well on a cell phone's tiny display. And what happens to 5.1-channel surround sound when it's compressed into a monaural podcast? It is important that such factors are calculated into the front-end of the production process, so content is configured appropriately, as opposed to merely repurposing traditional video programming."
Also part of the Content Production Theme Day will be a session titled "Workflow: The Keystone for Efficient Content Production," from 4 to 5:30 p.m. (chaired by Adrian Scott, Director and Chief Marketing Officer at Pro-Bel). NTC expertise will contribute to this session as well, in a paper presented by John Footen, NTC's Director of Software Systems Engineering.
"Workflow, or the techniques for managing content, metadata, and business information during the entire lifecycle of the production process, is a crucial issue today," says Footen. "Business information can include how much the content costs and how long it takes to create it. Such information can interact between content-creation systems, billing systems, and HR systems, which may have had hardly any connection in the past. The key factor that has brought these workflow issues to the fore is the growing ubiquity of file-based assets in the production process. Effective workflow tools and methods are crucial for efficient content production, and these tools can also maximize the potential for agility across the business process as a whole. Advances in IT technology are being leveraged by the media and entertainment industry as never before, and business-process management and service-oriented architectures are the next wave in workflow advances. These new system architectures will deliver even greater power to the production, post, and broadcast community, including news."
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