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Last Updated: August 29, 2006 7:16 pm GMT
(Santa Barbara, CA -- August 29, 2006) GLUE TOOLS announces that Cineon and DPX QuickTime Components have been updated to version v1.14. New features include Finder thumbnail and linear RGB/Print Density support.

The Cineon and DPX QuickTime components, currently available for QuickTime 7.1 enabled applications, have now been updated to version 1.14. This update includes support for Linear RGB images files. This includes files that are identified as a "Print Density" type in the DPX header. Also, this release includes support for image thumbnails in Finder, making it easier to see what the dpx or cineon file looks like, before opening the file. Metadata support has also been expanded to allow application developers to write detailed information into the Cineon or DPX headers.

The Cineon and DPX digital film file formats are feature film industry standards for visual effects production. DPX files are also used extensively for High Definition production, in the broadcast television industry.

"This update is a definate plus for production staff," comments Robert Monaghan, Senior Engineer at Glue Tools. "Even if the user isn't using an application such as Final Cut, they can at least look at the frames directly on their laptops or desktops. There is no need for specialized applications to see what the footage looks like."

If used within Apple's QuickTime Player, the components allows production staff the ability to create QuickTime movies out of a range of Cineon or DPX frames, for later review. A cost effective alternative to the expensive digital playback systems currently on the market. With this solution, production staff can preview Cineon or DPX sequences on their own laptops or desktop computers.

The latest version Cineon DPX QuickTime Components are available for only $29 USD. This update is a free download for existing license holders. For more information, visit: http://www.gluetools.com

About Glue Tools.
Glue Tools is a software company based in Santa Barbara, California. Its products range from QuickTime Components, to other "Glue Code" applications that add functionality to existing Operating Systems or Software Packages. Glue Tools focuses on developing essential utilities and plugin software technology.


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