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Antics V2 Benefits From Early Adopter Program Success

Last Updated: September 4, 2006 4:19 pm GMT
(Cambridge, UK. 4 September 2006) Antics, pioneers of intelligent animation technology, is pleased to announce that version 2 of its revolutionary real time animated pre-viz software application will be officially released on 16 October 2006. Antics are offering potential customers a 'Q-Jumper' opportunity in which users will be able to try a full, pre-release version of Antics V2 from today, for 21 days, before the official release date.

Q-Jumpers will also benefit from a 30% discount, as well as free add-on content packs. The release follows Antics' highly successful Early Adopter Program, which was launched in May 2006. The EAP was planned with the intention of gathering end user feedback - as well as fact finding for future development - on version 2, prior to the product's official release. The EAP targeted a wide cross section of media industry creatives, including Directors, DPs, Art Directors, Producers, 3D Designers and Storyboard Artists.

Dan Halperin, EMMY award winning writer/producer/director explains, "I cannot adequately describe the value of pre-viz. Once I began with Antics I was able to watch this world come into shape, and I was able to make more expressive creative decisions. I'd have to say that the experience caused me to see the 'box' that my world was, and then be able to begin to think 'outside the box', creating and inventing more detail and more nuance. It will be an invaluable opportunity to come to the set with more already on the page and even on the screen".

Mark Burton, VP Sales & Marketing, Antics, concludes, "The response and feedback from the Early Adopter program has demonstrated that we already have a fully functional tool that enhances creativity, improves productivity and cuts costs during pre-viz. Listening to the market is essential if you are going to make products that people want to use and, thanks to the input of the early adopters, we have been able to make some very constructive changes to the Version 2 release which has resulted in a better product – as well as picking up some excellent ideas for the future. We are offering the Q-Jumper program to satisfy the demand from prospects who are asking for the product now, thus allowing them to benefit from using Antics right away."

Antics Version 2, which features an integrated, timeline driven workflow, will have a fully functional free 30 day trial available to download from the Antics website from October 16, 2006.

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