Tiger Technology announces MetaSAN 2.2


Digidesign Pro Tools, Windows 64-bit, volumes up to 18 exabytes in size, and flexible bandwidth control improve workgroup collaboration

Last Updated: September 5, 2006 5:56 pm GMT
(Montreal -- September 4th, 2006) Tiger Technology GmbH, developer of high performance affordable storage area networking (SAN) and workgroup management software solutions, today announced version 2.2 of its flagship MetaSAN software with support for Digidesign Pro Tools, Windows 64-bit, volumes up to 18 exabytes in size and Improved bandwidth management.

Digidesign Pro Tools
MetaSAN-managed volumes are now recognized by Digidesign Pro Tools. Facilities relying on a mix of Apple Final Cut Pro, Avid Media Composers, Adobe After Effects, and Digidesign Pro Tools workstations can now consolidate their projects on a single volume so everyone can access the same mediafiles. MetaSAN is the first file-level sharing SAN management software capable of presenting Pro Tools with compliant shared volumes.

Windows 64-bit
Popular in render farms and other computational-intensive applications performance, Windows 64-bit operating systems are now fully supported.

Volumes up to 18 exabytes in size
Microsoft GUID Partition Table (GPT) support enables MetaSAN 2.2 to manage volumes up to 18,000 Petabytes in size.

Improved bandwidth management
Bandwidth “reserve” and “quota” can be assigned to individual workstations, allowing administrators to perfectly match network loads with storage capabilities. The “reserve” settings ensure everyone gets the data they need, when they need it while the “quota” settings allow a fair distribution of the unutilized bandwidth.

“Combined with our stoneGate announcement, this new release further exemplifies Tiger’s unique ability to resolve specific workgroup issues that plague modern post facilities” said David Pollock, Director of sales for Tiger Technology “we’re working towards resolving the practical limitations that have prevented post and broadcast facilities from efficiently unifying their storage infrastructures and build true collaborative environments.”

About MetaSAN
MetaSAN is a comprehensive, time-proven, high-speed file sharing SAN management software solution that sets new standards for workgroup collaboration. MetaSAN enables multiple users to share access to common data files in workgroups where heavy bandwidth requirements are the norm. Targeted to the needs of digital content creation professionals involved with the creation of animation, digital intermediates, audio, graphics, satellite imagery, video clips, etc., as part of the production process, the software also meets the needs of a wide range of enterprise users in other markets including imaging, digital prepress and corporate/government.

Pricing and Availability
MetaSAN and MetaLAN support Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux platforms. MetaSAN licenses are priced at $995.00 USD. MetaLAN licenses are priced at $295.00 USD. Tiger Technology software products are currently available from the company’s OEM partners and its international reseller representatives. MetaSAN 2.2 is schedule to ship in October 2006. All registered users of version 2.x are entitled to upgrade at no charge. For sales inquiries please email Tiger Technology at sales@tiger-technology.com. Additional information on the Tiger Technology product line is available at www.tiger-technology.com

About Tiger Technology
Founded in 2003, Tiger Technology GmbH, is a privately held company based in Zurich, Switzerland, delivering new technologies and OEM solutions in the field of storage area networking. The company’s flagship product MetaSAN builds upon years of SAN-related expertise and development to bring digital content creation and enterprise professionals involved with handling large bandwidth files a unique, cross-platform, hardware-agnostic, high-speed file sharing SAN management solution that sets new standards for workgroup collaboration and reliability. For further information on Tiger Technology please visit www.tiger-technology.com


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