Telestream FlipFactory Features Philips Watermarking


Forensic watermarking technology protects video content against piracy

Last Updated: September 5, 2006 5:57 pm GMT
(Nevada City, Calif., -- September 5, 2006) Telestream, the leading provider of multi-format workflow automation solutions, today announced that it has integrated Philips forensic watermarking technology into its latest FlipFactory® v5.0 transcoding automation software applications. This combination allows video content owners to automatically protect their valuable assets against piracy by watermarking all files in a simple and efficient way.

FlipFactory automatically converts and transfers digital media files between professional formats and systems in today's IT-based video environments. The addition of the Philips watermarking option supports the fight against piracy by helping content owners and service providers identify and control the problem of illegal copying.

With Philips watermarking, illegal copies can be traced back to the specific source, since unique date, time and identifier watermarks are embedded into the picture and sound of the original video. When these watermarks are created in FlipFactory, they are imperceptible to viewers and maintain their integrity in the copied material, no matter where that content goes. The forensic watermarks remain detectable even if the pirates re-transcode the watermarked files into formats such as VCD, DivX, and MPEG-4. Philips watermark technology has been deployed with great success following its discovery of the origin of illegally copied and distributed versions of major motion pictures prior to official release.

"The entertainment industry is faced with combating unauthorized copying and distribution of its video assets. Content protection and identification solutions are required for MPEG, videotape and DVD copies to identify the source of the unauthorized distribution. Telestream aligns itself with market leaders that help solve real problems with cost-effective solutions. Philips fits that partnership profile and has made a considerable commitment to delivering commercially viable products today, along with an impressive roadmap for the future", said Anna Greco, Director of Business Development and Product Marketing at Telestream.

"In the fight against piracy the video industry wants to watermark all its content, in every format and stage, from production to delivery," said Ronald Maandonks, CEO of Philips Content Identification. "By integrating Philips technology into standard video production workflows, like Telestream's FlipFactory, watermarking becomes common practice for the content industry."


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