NetBlender Launches the DVD One


Website offers solutions to the challenges of High Definition DVD Authoring

Last Updated: October 2, 2006 3:44 pm GMT
(Alexandria, VA - September 29, 2006) NetBlender today launched the DVD One™ Community Network, a website devoted to building an active community environment around its DVD One product that offers a single solution for creating interactive layers for HD DVD, Blu-ray and Enhanced DVD.

The Community Network, which greets visitors with the message "Group Therapy for DVD developers," is intended to be the essential resource for DVD developers who are currently struggling with the confusion of a format war, uncertain specifications and a paucity of reliable tools.

"The specifications for the high definition interactive layers are complex," said John Harrington, CEO of NetBlender, "We are trying to simplify the process, both with DVD One's single development environment for interactive layers and with a robust community approach to back it up.  This entire space is a bit of a moving target right now.  We are taking a slow and steady approach that will grow over time."

In addition to supporting DVD One, which outputs interactive layers in HDi, netBlender™ Enhanced DVD and soon, BD-J, the Community Network organizes third party authoring tools and other sources of documentation.  The result is a whole solution for creating high definition DVDs.

"I think people will be delighted to see that we are offering a process that combines popular authoring tools with DVD One to create a fully functioning HD DVD disc," said Denny Breitenfeld, NetBlender CTO.

The DVD One Developer Kit is available for download at no charge.  Interested developers can apply for a Developer License and purchase Distribution Licenses through the Network.
Of particular interest is the website's Tools Lab, an open source area for the creation, modification, and sharing of tools that work with the DVD One API.  Developers are encouraged to produce utilities that augment the process of creating DVDs with DVD One, and they are welcome to commercialize their products.

"We expect the tools lab to become one of the most active areas of the site as developers discover the ease with which they can create next-generation interactivity with DVD One," said John Harrington.  "We hope to create a whole product ecosystem around DVD One that will make the development environment accessible to every type of DVD developer.  Our six-month goal is to create a code-free authoring experience for DVD developers who are XML and JavaScript averse."

Features of DVD One include: adding picture-in-picture of streaming video over the primary DVD video stream for live commentary, creating seamless pop-up menus that can be navigated without interruption of video playback, adding web connectivity to DVD, HD DVD, and more.  And DVD One can apply the same interactive features to standard DVDs through NetBlender's Enhanced DVD solution.
DVD One currently supports output for HDi and Enhanced DVD, using NetBlender's Blended DVD solution.  BD-J support will be supported in future releases.
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