Remnant Studios Reinvents Filmmaking


Last Updated: October 4, 2006 4:43 pm GMT
(San Jose, CA - October 4, 2006) Remnant Studios, a visual effects and creative media production firm, today announced that they are the only studio soon to offer a revolutionary new HD depth mapping pipeline. The new pipeline relies on a camera slated for completion Q1 '07.

Remnant Studios will be field testing their new approach overseas early next year; shortly following will be tests at Remnant's studios in San Jose, California.

What does all this mean for movie goers? With your average Hollywood blockbuster spending months, and sometimes years in post-production, using depth mapping technology will save film studios a lot of money and effects houses a lot of time. Here’s why: currently visual effects are limited by use of a blue/green screen in order to remove the background or an element. This can be a challenging process and if not lit correctly it will require cumbersome rotoscoping, taking more time to complete a shot. However, with the new depth mapping techniques just about any element in a shot can be removed simply based on its depth. That equals financial and technical advantages for effects houses everywhere, which can now produce effects that were previously too complicated or cost prohibited.

This unique depth mapping technology uses traditional time-of-flight calculations and an advanced twist involving high speed infrared video, synced to modulate infrared light. The depth and color images are recorded simultaneously, and that's what will enable Remnant Studios to create a unique effects pipeline.

Daniel Morrison, filmmaker and company founder, comments that, "This will be the end of bluescreens & rotoscoping in visual effects," though he admits some unique situations may still warrant it. Producer/co-founder Jacob Picart notes, "This really gives Remnant an edge, and something to bring to the table when bidding for contracts with industry titans." Having the only known real-time depth mapping camera available anywhere in the industry has made Remnant Studios a bit of an anomaly in visual effects capabilities.

Remnant Studios has begun contacting software developers and establishing the ground work for future depth mapping applications. Daniel Morrison points out that depth keying isn't the only benefit a depth camera enables. Motion capture, post lighting, and image modeling all stand to receive drastic improvements in a depth mapping camera based pipeline. Where ever Remnant ends up going from here, it seems apparent that they are making a serious attempt to become a front leading competitor in tomorrow's visual effects & media industry.

About Remnant Studios:
Remnant Studios is a visual effects and creative media production company strategically located in the heart of Silicon Valley. Remnant's forte stems from a long history with motion graphics, post-production, and corporate events. Daniel Morrison (founder), Jacob Picart (co-founder), and the Remnant crew are an award-winning team (Best Short 2005, WYSIWYG Film Festival) whose talents and skill sets reach from visual effects, film, television, videography, HD production, post-production, and more. Established in 2003, the mission of Remnant Studios is to produce functional creative media with excellence in visual quality, content, and value by setting a moral standard for media production in the industry. For more information,


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