Quantum Launches StorNext API To Provide Enhanced Customization And Control Across Heterogeneous Applications


Hewlett-Packard Utilizes API Tools to Enrich Flexibility and Performance for its Digital Media Platform Customers

Last Updated: October 10, 2006 9:27 pm GMT
(SAN JOSE, Calif., Oct. 10, 2006) Quantum Corp. (NYSE:DSS), the leading global specialist in backup, recovery and archive, today announced the availability of a set of development tools designed to give application providers the ability to customize the way their applications interact with Quantum's StorNext® data management software.

Known as the StorNext Application Programming Interface (API) or SNAPI v1.0, developers now have the ability to build calls into StorNext and drive specific operating behavior tuned to individual solution needs. With SNAPI, application providers and enterprise customers will be able to create a tighter integration between their applications and the StorNext software's data sharing and intelligent archiving functions.
"API's act as a key to unlock interoperability within applications in order to maximize efficient digital work flows for customers," said Thomas Kuehle, vice president, Digital Media Platform Group, Digital Entertainment Services for Hewlett-Packard. "Customized interaction between HP's Digital Media Platform and StorNext allows us to address our customers' needs better and more quickly than before."
Within HP's Digital Media Platform (DMP) solution, StorNext software is used to manage and actively archive large digital asset catalogs. With the availability of SNAPI tools, HP and other solution providers now have the ability to develop integrated solutions that together better address specific customer environments.
Quantum's StorNext data management software is industry-leading software for managing digital assets in high-performance workflow and multi-tier archive settings. Quantum's iMover™ technology allows StorNext the ability to move data across multiple disk and tape storage tiers while maintaining transparent access to the files for multiple hosts and operating systems.
"In the majority of environments, applications will basically just sit on top of infrastructure products," said Paul Zuhorski, director, software products for Quantum. "While this may be okay within smaller or less intensive environments, larger enterprise customers demand a more robust level of integration. We developed the StorNext API to allow this next level of interaction, offering hooks into StorNext's IO operations, reporting and iMover engine."
Application and solution providers, larger customers and Quantum partners can tune StorNext to better meet individual requirements. For example, they can benefit from quality of service data ingest, on-demand data movement and retrieval operation and a more robust reporting and monitoring capability set through specific API calls to the StorNext iMover, file system and client code base.
"With the StorNext API, we now have the ability to provide more in-depth reporting, customize how capacity is allocated and better determine when and where data is written into and out of the media archives," added Kuehle.
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