S.two Corporation Introduces i.DOCK


Faster, Lower-Cost, Real Time Ingest of Material to Off-line and Digital Dailies Systems – without disruption to the Production process.

Last Updated: October 18, 2006 3:56 pm GMT
(Reno, NV – October 18, 2006) S.two Corp., has announced the introduction of its i.DOCK docking station; a critical tool for streamlining the filmmaker's off-line and digital dailies delivery process.

Automated Editorial Process
The i.DOCK provides an inexpensive and real time solution to accomplish the ingest task, for both image and audio, using the D.MAGs recorded on set. i.DOCK is a studio edit player with advanced real-time functions for all post production applications where data meets video. The i.DOCK mounts D.MAG uncompressed magazines and allows play out in real time at any HD or SD resolution, with audio and timecode, analog or digital, for a complete solution. i.DOCK also has virtual pre and post rolls for those edit systems that can't handle timecode breaks, i.DOCK automatically handles breaks so that the ingest to offline is smooth and fast.

For those using XML capable edit systems such as Final Cut Pro™, the i.DOCK can export a full XML edit file including all metadata and handles for a one touch auto batch capture including names, timecodes, audio and even on set take and scene notes.

Post Production
The i.DOCK acts as a fully featured edit player in any edit suite or color correction system including online and offline with full extended RS422 control, but it goes farther than tape ever can! Chris Romine, S.two president, comments: "The i.DOCK completes a vital part of the workflow process that’s been missing. With i.DOCK’s introduction, it’s possible to move the D.MAG containing the video, audio and metadata files to the i.DOCK and start creating digital dailies or ingest to an off line system, without disrupting the production process at all."

i.DOCK provides data-centric interfaces and HD-SDI or SDI, Analog Component, RGB, AES and Analog audio outputs derived from the DPX files contained on the D.MAG. i.DOCK is available now from S.two Corporation.

About S.two Corp.
S.two is a privately held corporation based in Reno, Nevada. Its primary mission is to develop acquisition and workflow solutions for the digital cinematography marketplace. The company specializes in solving the workflow issues arising from using uncompressed digital media at higher than video resolutions. To learn more, please visit their web site at http://www.stwo-corp.com


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