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Successful creative media review tool recognised in Silicon Valley

Last Updated: November 21, 2006 4:29 pm GMT
(SANTA CLARA, California, 21st November 2006) cineSync was recently awarded with top honours, amongst a field of 14 technology developers that participated in this year's ANZA Technology Network Showcase conference, held in early November at the Plug and Play Tech Centre in the Silicon Valley town of Santa Clara.

Developed by Rising Sun Research, cineSync enables creative and visual media practitioners - in industries including Film, TV, Advertising, Graphic design and a myriad other fields - to collaborate on dynamic media in real time, regardless of their physical location. Film directors in Hollywood use cineSync to review their movies digitally, in sync with VFX Studios, Productions and Location Offices around the world, removing the need for them to travel to distant locations, or rely on otherwise inaccurate, 'blind' communication methods such as trying to verbally describe media over the phone.

"cineSync is an innovative solution to a major problem in the global, creative media industry. With an already impressive client-list using cineSync in favor of traditional ways of doing things, there are strong market indicators that cineSync could well establish itself as the new standard in digital media collaboration." says Viki Forrest, CEO of the ANZA Technology Network, who awarded the Hottest Technology prize to cineSync.

Rising Sun Research CEO, Clint Walker says, "cineSync is defining new workflows for creative and visual media professionals that genuinely change the way our clients are able to work and compete for business across the globe, from Hollywood Film Studios to London Advertising Agencies." Mr. Walker continues, "Independent 'Hottest Technology' awards confirm what our clients are already telling us about our product. We're looking forward to building upon these successes, and in working closely with our clients to continue to innovate and lead this emerging market."

cineSync was first used on major Hollywood productions such as War of the Worlds and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and has since been used on projects including X-Men 3, Superman Returns as well as upcoming films such as Blood Diamond and Spiderman 3. As visual media practitioners all over the world look for a simple, practical solution to real time collaboration, they are increasingly choosing cineSync to provide that solution, with the 'cineSync Session' starting to replace the traditional concept of a 'review' altogether.

cineSync 1.1 is available immediately at and runs on Mac OS X (Universal) and Windows XP platforms. A host of new features and improvements will be available at the end of November as part of the cineSync 1.2 release. For more information, visit the official cineSync website at
Share your vision, with cineSync.

About cineSync
cineSync enables multiple people to simultaneously and securely view QuickTime movies from multiple locations, with all movies being played in perfect synchronisation. The tool was designed to emulate two of the principle experiences people have when working with moving pictures and stills with others in the same room: the ability for everyone to see the same thing at the same time, and the ability for everyone to point at specific parts of the screen and discuss changes.

About Rising Sun Research
Rising Sun Research (RSR) is a specialist provider of tools to visual professionals, with clients including some of the biggest (and smallest) visual effects companies, digital film labs, educational institutions and film productions in the world. The company was founded in 1999 as a technology spin-off from the visual effects company Rising Sun Pictures and is an independent, privately held company headquartered in Adelaide, Australia. For more information visit


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