The Radar Festival premieres at London


Last Updated: December 14, 2006 5:19 pm GMT
The best festival anywhere in the world for aspiring music video directors will be showing shortlisted videos and Q&As with filmmakers in Apple during 12th-18th January. Festival winners will be announced at the awards event at 7pm, 19th January 2007 at the Apple store theatre, Regent Street.

Radar is open to anyone anywhere in the world, who hasn't been paid as professional music video director. In its first year Radar has already attracted hundreds of entries from new talent from across the UK, from Japan and New Zealand though to Brazil and most countries in between. Making videos to any of the 18 tracks put up by the labels, winners stand to gain from professional video commissions with Warp, Domino and Tummy Touch records. They’ll also be featured on the BBC Film Network. The overall winner gets £1,000 and rare and coveted representation with the production company, Colonel Blimp.

Surfing on the second wave of the internet revolution is a huge and increasing number of non-professional music video directors. Getting on the inside track has always been hard. Radar gives talented outsiders a high profile, practical entry into the music video industry, acting as a finder and focus for fresh new directors.

The screenings and award ceremony are free and open to the public. Apple customers can vote for their favourite video in-store from 12th Jan, shown every day at 1.30pm and 5.30pm – there’s prizes too for voters. The awards event on the 19th begins with three filmmakers from the shortlist hosting Q&A sessions throughout the day. The evening event begins with the shortlist screening in the theatre followed by the awards ceremony. There’s then a press and guests only after-show until 11pm.


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