The Pixel Farm Launches A New Hoe


A 2nd Hoe And A Hoe For The Pro

Last Updated: January 9, 2007 5:42 pm GMT
(Windsor, UK. 9th December 2006) The Pixel Farm, renowned technology provider to the world's digital film effects industry, is pleased to announce the launch of PFHoe 2.0 and PFHoePro. Launched in 2004, PFHoe introduced automatic match moving to the pro-sumer market with its ability to bring computer animation and live video together in a seamless fashion at a fraction of the cost of professional software.

Designed as a simple to use 'press the button and let it rip' application, PFHoe is built on technology that has already proved its worth by finding its way into countless high-end post production facilities.

With PFHoe 2.0, The Farmers have added a faster and more robust tracking engine, along with new UI improvements, making it even easier to use. All major exports are now provided, including the new Pixel Farm open XML format and, with support for HD footage, users can take their work to the next level. There is, in addition, a new focal length estimation tool that helps solve those tricky shots in the same intuitive way. Along side PFHoe 2.0, PFHoePro provides the more demanding user with the same easy of use with an extended toolset and support for most Linux distributions.

Richard Spohrer, MD, The Pixel Farm explains, “With PFHoe 2.0 we have taken desktop automatic tracking to the next level. Users now have the most powerful automatic tracking technology in an environment that makes it very simple to use. The introduction of PFHoePro allows the addition of user defined features for actions such as corner pinning along, with the ability to re-solve a scene after getting rid of any bad features. Adding the ability to export to high-end systems such as Flame makes ‘HoePro a ‘must have’ utility on any 2 and 3D artists desktop.“

Using the core technology developed in PFTrack - the industry leading tracking and image analysis system - both PFHoe and PFHoePro enable users of all capabilities to have a powerful tool on the desktop, alleviating the need to wait for shots to be dealt with by the ‘tracking department’ or learn complex new applications. They both feature the unique focal length estimation system, a unique automatic lens distortion correction tool, support for importing mattes from third party applications, simple edit tools to modify tracking data and quality graphs to aid the user in making data editing decisions. New marking menus give fast and easy access to scene orientation and user feature placement.

Availability and Pricing
Now shipping, both PFHoe 2.0(£49/$99) and PFHoe Pro (£99/$199) are available online via
PFHoe 1.0 users can upgrade to version 2.0 for £19/$39 or receive £30/$59 credit towards PFHoe Pro.
PFHoe is available for Windows and as a Universal Binary for OS X.
PFHoePro is also available for Linux and ships with an extended set of exporters including export to Flame.


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