FOR-A Frame Rate Converter, Signal Processor Selected for Co's HD Postproduction Pipeline


Last Updated: February 5, 2007 4:46 pm GMT
(MONTREAL, February 5, 2007) Service provider Sergespro has acquired a FOR-A FRC-7000 HD frame rate converter and an FA-9000 HD/SD signal processor for its HD postproduction pipeline. The company’s selected clients include Megafun, which co-produces documentaries, animation and children's programming with producers in France, and Filmoption International, a distributor of feature films, documentaries and television programming.

Both are based in Montreal.

The products, Sergespro's first FOR-A purchases, were sold by FOR-A Canada through Peter Crevier at Dynamic Video, a Toronto-based video equipment dealer.

"We have several HD pipelines here," said Operations Manager, Jerome Corbeil. "It's a good bet that no one in Montreal is as well equipped in PAL as we are because almost all the material we process ends up in the European market at some point. We have a need for frame rate conversion on a regular basis, and the FRC-7000 seemed to be the first of its kind able to do vector motion compensation at the HD level.

“Vector motion compensation is usually employed for sports and fast-action motion pictures, but that's not the type of work we specialize in," continued Corbeil. "But we've found that crawls and rolls of titles and credits have been almost impossible to convert without motion compensation capabilities. That's our main reason for using the FRC-7000."

The frame rate converter's "simple operation" is "something we can easily manage," noted Corbeil. "The FRC-7000 is solely HD-based and very purpose oriented and that helps us free other machines that used to be involved in the conversion process. By complementing it with the FA-9000 signal processor, which helps us go from and to HD, we've increased flexibility."

Prior to acquiring the FRC-7000, Corbeil tested several different technologies which did not offer motion compensation. "They were not up to par. We evaluated and returned two well known frame rate conversion systems which just didn't have what we were looking for," he reported. "Our only alternative for doing crawls and rolls in title sequences would have been to take the HD signal, down-convert it to SD, transcode in SD, and bump it back to HD with an up-converter. That's not much of a path."

Corbeil said the FRC-7000 has "performed well" on Megafun-produced wildlife and environmental documentaries set to air in Canada, France and internationally.

"The FRC-7000's architecture allows for continuing improvements," he added. "FOR-A has been moving faster than any other manufacturer in coming up with technology addressing frame rate conversion, and I know we'll make good use of their future developments."

FOR-A's FRC-7000 uses motion compensation processing by motion vectors to convert field frequencies and enables conversion between different HD frame rates. It can convert frame rates between 1080/59.94i and 50i, and between 720/59.94p and 50p. It has Scene Cut Detection that detects scene cuts automatically to ensure that the conversion is performed without generating a motion compensation image from unrelated cuts in the frames before and after. The unit also provides for genlock. The FRC-7000 also supports eight-channel, 48 kHz 24-bit embedded audio signals in sync with the video clock. It also includes a delay function for synchronization with video processing.

Sergespro can be reached in Montreal at 514-931-6190.

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