Spy Post's Alaina Goetz Partners With ATTIK On "Cool" VFX For Scion Guerilla Campaign


Last Updated: February 21, 2007 8:27 pm GMT
(San Francisco, CA - February 21, 2007) Spy Post VFX Designer and Artist Alaina Goetz recently completed work on a video presentation that is the centerpiece of a guerilla marketing campaign from creative and brand-engineering agency ATTIK promoting the limited-edition Scion Blizzard Pearl tC Release Series (RS) 3.0.

"To promote this special edition Release Series 3.0 Scion tC, we worked closely with Scion's marketing team and the contingent at Zenithmedia to devise and deliver a tightly focused, limited edition guerilla marketing campaign," said Simon Needham, ATTIK's co-founder and group creative director. "For the finished video piece, we came up with an attention-grabbing idea and turned to Alaina, who is superb at bringing graphic executions to life in dynamic ways."

ATTIK's creative team, which included Needham and design director Stan Zienka, shot the car against black and provided Goetz with 36 digital stills to incorporate into her design. Using compelling wipes and snow effects, the piece introduces the limited edition tC with motion graphics and text reading, "You've got a snowball's chance in hell."

"We wanted to give an ethereal quality to the tC RS 3.0, like it seemingly exists in space," explains Goetz. "The agency gave me nice style frames in terms of the creative direction and how the car would appear and disappear. I then set to task on making the motion happen using various particle effects, lighting and wipes. As an artist, these are always the best kinds of jobs when you have that level of trust and creative freedom."

Through the Scion campaign's long-standing media partner ZenithOptimedia, the :20 video piece is currently appearing on AdVan mobile video billboards in selected high-traffic locations in key markets nationwide, and is also being projected onto buildings via Massive Media's Street Theater Projection program.

Ad Agency: ATTIK
Simon Needham, Creative Director
Stan Zienka, Design Director
Joseph Segrove, Producer

VFX Company: Spy Post
Alaina Goetz, Visual Effects Designer and Artist
Anastacia Maggioncalda, Executive Producer

Spy Post is located at 577 2nd Street, Suite 103, San Francisco, CA 94107
T: 415.621.7791. F: 415.621.7792


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