BullsEye hits Omf target


New conversion software skips "import" function to deliver media faster.

Last Updated: March 9, 2007 4:12 pm GMT
(Marina Del Rey, CA -- 9th March 2007) Brooks Harris Film & Tape Inc., maker of EdlMax, has announced the introduction of its BullsEye media conversion software. BullsEye is a video and audio media converter for importing a variety of Windows media formats to Avid® edit systems.

Brooks Harris, President of the company best known for its ageless EdlMax edit decision list conversion software, comments: "The BullsEye software was designed to allow the user to read Windows media files and output Avid® compatible Omf™ media files directly to the MediaFiles folder. We load the media via Avid’s Media Tool®, instead of the Import function, so the process is very fast."

BullsEye media converter is available now. For full specification, to purchase, or to download an evaluation copy, please visit http://www.bullseyemediaconverter.com

Harris continues: “We wanted to design a media conversion and import tool that was fast and simple to use and took care of the audio sample rate conversion. Right now, if the Windows media file can see the media we can convert it.”

About Brooks Harris Film & Tape Inc.
Based in Marina Del Rey, CA, the company specializes in edit data management software for professional video, audio, film production, and post production. Since the introduction of the original EdlMax Edit Decision List (Edl) management application in 1992, EdlMax has expanded its expertise and products to include support for Open Media Framework (Omf™), Avid Log Exchange (Ale™), and Advanced Authoring Format (Aaf™). Brook Harris Film & Tape offers the end user its software products EdlMax and BullsEye media converter, OEM and integrator software solutions and SDKs, and consulting and software contracting services.



Re: News: BullsEye hits Omf target
by Matt
This is the worst idea I've seen. Do not meddle with your Avid media files! Only Avid should be putting files in those folders. You can't possibly be including sufficient MOB metadata in your conversion. Project name for example, how are you supposed to find all media for a current project if you are "injecting" media into an OMFI media files folder like that? And you really think the scan will take seconds? Are you kidding? Maybe if you have 100 files in there. Try that will 6000 media files and you are waiting 20 minutes min. The file import will be faster. Importing media properly using the Avid will ensure proper metadata is included in the MOB and the media is tracked properly.

Are there options for things we have to do regularly to converted files such as re-size, re-map color space (RGB-601), change frame-rate, flip fields, de-interlace, de-flicker? And there’s no mention of audio, how do you know what sample and bit rate the project wants?

You want to wrap files in QuickTime so you can “preview” them using a stand-alone player before you go bothering the Avid with them. Trust me!

Use this at your peril!

Re: News: BullsEye hits Omf target
by PSimpso
This workflow doesn't sound so dissimilar to the Panasonic P2 workflow: directly copying files into the Avid Media Files folder then finding them with Avid's media tool. If the conversion to OMF media is fast, it could really save time. If the bullseye workflow is that perilous then people should reconsider the relatively well-established P2 workflow, too.
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