Dayang To Introduce Broad Range Of PC/Video Cards At NAB2007


Last Updated: March 20, 2007 2:52 am GMT
(Hong Kong, 2007 March 19) Dayang has chosen the National Association of Broadcasters' Spring Convention in April to launch the broadest and most versatile range of PC/video plug-in cards ever introduced at a single venue. The new cards allow broadcast-quality video signals to be processed in the latest generation of high-speed PCs.

Dayang's Redbridge series is a powerful range of SD/HD multi-channel video and audio I/O cards offering OEMs and developers the ability to create cost-efficient high performance audio/video products and applications. Redbridge cards are ideal for ingest/playout servers, graphics/CG servers, automation and master control systems, still-stores and clip-libraries. HD, SD, proxy and web formats are supported. Features include 64 Mbyte on-board memory, single-slot PCI-32/64, 33/66 MHz compliance, 3.3-volt signalling, an integral digital processor to transfer video and audio between on-board memory and computer host memory without CPU intervention, and two independent on board compositors for live three-layer 10-bit mixing of component video and graphics. The Redbridge series is fully compatible with Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0, Adobe After Effects 7.0.

"PC-based equipment has replaced standalone hardware in almost every area of broadcasting," comments Dayang International CEO Karlton Burn. "This new product family comprises no less than ten plug-in cards enabling programme originators, post-production houses, software designers and system integrators to derive the maximum operational benefit from Windows-based processing platforms. Dayang itself produces some of the most powerful PC-based equipment in the broadcast and post-production business so our design team has exactly the right mix of experience and expectation."

Redbridge 1101 is an entry-level card with 525/625-line composite and YC I/O plus stereo microphone and line inputs, stereo line output and headphone audio monitor output. The optional 1101A+ daughter card adds YPbPr component video outputs.

Redbridge 1101D and 1101DA enable a PC to accept and deliver 525/625 component and composite digital video as well as SDI, including direct and embedded audio.

Designed for HD applications, Redbridge HD1101D and HD1101A are 1080i/720p versions of the 1101D and 1101DA, supporting HD-SDI as well as direct digital video and audio I/O. Features include HD/SD SDI output with 16 embedded audio channels, an HD/SD SDI key or preview output, eight AES/EBU audio inputs, eight AES/EBU audio outputs and a genlock input (black-burst or tri-level sync).

Outstandingly versatile interfaces with one input channel and two output channels, Dayang's Redbridge 2100 (2101DA and 2110DA) includes video, CVBS, S-Video, component and SDI inputs and outputs, independent key or preview output, genlock input and loopthrough output, eight analog balanced audio inputs and outputs, eight AES/EBU audio and 16 SDI embedded audio input and outputs.

The Dayang Redbridge 4000 has four CVBS/SDI output channels, genlock, black-burst input and loopthrough output. Each channel is equipped with two AES/EBU audio outputs and two analog audio outputs.

Dayang's Red X interface card incorporates 20 SD-SDI inputs, each with four embedded audio channels.

RedStone is a dedicated card for transport stream capture, configured with four 270 megabit/s ASI inputs.

Dayang Technology Development Inc ( ) is a world-leading designer and manufacturer of broadcast equipment. Founded in 1989, Dayang produces a wide range of standard-definition, high-definition and web-based products for content creation, ingest, archiving and broadcast playout. The company is based in Beijing with additional research and development centres in Shanghai and Tianjin. Manufacturing and production are ISO-9001 certified, ensuring the highest standards of design, assembly, testing and delivery. International sales and marketing headquarters are located in Hong Kong with representation in Europe, South America and Asia Pacific.


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