SportVU at NAB 2007


Innovative motion-tracking technology delivers in real-time game statistics and analysis for live sporting events

Last Updated: April 5, 2007 3:46 pm GMT
(Raanana, Israel - April 5, 2007) SportVU, a start-up company focused on sophisticated technology to improve sports coverage and the viewer experience, will demonstrate their product at NAB 2007, held in Las Vegas NV from April 16 through 19, on stand SL 12410.

SportVU integrates in-arena cameras with real-time motion-tracking technology to generate, digital, schematic descriptions of the game. Fans and commentators get a more informative and interesting game analysis.

Gal Oz, CEO of SportVU notes,“SportVU significantly improves the viewer’s experience of the game. The system automatically produces statistical features like speed profiles, accumulated distances, fatigue factors, and coverage maps, all in real-time. Broadcasters can customize the data parameters and results can be integrated with the station’s graphics systems to produce very insightful analytical views. It brings a new dimension of fun and understanding to the game.”

The data output to in-stadium screens and to broadcast feeds provides viewers with very engaging statistical-driven content, opening avenues for premium sponsorship opportunities. The software is easily adaptable to other sports, including American football, ice hockey, cricket and more.

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About SportVU Technology
SportVU technology is non-intrusive. The in-stadium cameras are mounted in a single location. They catch the action and SportVU applies pattern recognition and video motion-tracking to produce the live, in-game data. The setup and operation is extremely simple. The use of commercial, off-the-shelf PCs increases reliability and reduces cost. The computers perform complex functions including automatic camera calibration, image segmentations, “blob” analysis, localization, and motion prediction. SportVU can deliver more interesting and relevant information to television viewers. Additional applications for mobile and web are currently in development.

About SportVU
Founded in 2005, SportVU is an Israel-based start-up company focused on improving the quality of sports coverage. Its principals have extensive experience in innovative technologies including visual intelligence, automatic interpretations systems, computer graphics, broadcast graphics and virtual sets.


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