Thought Equity Motion and HBO Team Up to Release The March of Time


Launch Provides Producers with Real-time Access to the Most Significant Moments in World History

Last Updated: April 6, 2007 4:01 pm GMT
(April 6, 2007) Thought Equity Motion, the world's largest supplier of online motion content licensing and management services, and Home Box Office, Inc. ("HBO"), announced today the online availability of The March of Time® collection, an exclusive library of historic film footage from the famous newsreel and television documentary series.

The March of Time collection is now available for licensing at

Comprising nearly 70 million feet of film, The March of Time newsreels were shown to millions across the world prior to theatrical releases. The March of Time collection covers the most significant moments and events in world history from 1913 through 1967.  With the addition of The March of Time collection, Thought Equity Motion expands their library with the world's most historically significant content. 

This launch also expands Thought Equity Motion's existing relationship with HBO® Archives to provide film and documentary producers, agency, educational institutions and production companies with real-time access to relevant footage from The March of Time newsreel service and television documentary programming covering over 50 years. 

"With an average per episode production cost of $750,000 in today's dollars, The March of Time was one of the largest and most comprehensive news productions of its time," stated Kevin Schaff, founder and CEO of Thought Equity Motion.  "By restoring and digitally mastering The March of Time collection, we are ensuring that this historic content is available to storytellers in the most pristine format for all time.  It's very exciting to help write the next chapter in The March of Time legacy. "

"We are excited to be working with Thought Equity Motion to make these historic newsreels of yesterday available for today's modern needs," said Rick Bernstein, Executive Producer, HBO Sports.  "Through their restoration process they have added significant value to The March of Time collection.  We are thrilled with the quality of the digital masters." 
Although decades have passed since The March of Time series ended, every day is historically significant.  By way of example, 52 years ago today, on March 29th, 1945, the last German bomb fell on London. The March of Time collection provides footage of the devastation of the bombing raids, allowing modern storytellers to recount history accurately.

"We utilized The March of Time content on a recent project.  It perfectly captured the spirit of the "Americana archival" look and feel that I needed. The footage was of superb quality, lending an air of authenticity to our video that drew in the viewers, literally taking them back in time," said Lorena Price, CEO & Creative Director for Holy Branding.

HBO added The March of Time collection to Thought Equity Motion's online library to serve producers who require the highest quality film, video and HD footage. The March of Time collection is available for immediate online purchase and download, and can be delivered in a variety of formats, including film, video and HD worldwide.

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