Small Tree Installs 24 Port Edge-Core Switch At WWIB


New Switch Alleviates Bottleneck in Radio Station's Production Studios

Last Updated: April 6, 2007 4:04 pm GMT
(Chippewa Valley, WI, April 6, 2007) Small Tree Communications, a leader in networking and storage solutions, recently installed a 24-port ES4524D Edge-corE® switch at WWIB, an Adult Contemporary Christian radio station located in Chippewa Falls, WI.  The Edge-corE switch alleviates a bottleneck that was affecting workflow within the station's six studios.   
The ES4524D provides cost-effective Gigabit Ethernet switching for bandwidth-intensive networks and offers full-line speed performance, support for Jumbo frames, dynamic 802.3ad link aggregation and redundant power supplies.  With WWIB's connection points limited by its previous switch to 100 Mb/s, Small Tree recommended using the ES4524D to increase connection speeds by a factor of 10 or 1000 Mb/s.   
Prior to installing the ES4524D, WWIB was facing latency problems in five of its six studios.  Specifically, AVScheduler, a popular application available in each studio and utilized by many of the station's on-air staff in preparation for future shows, was only working seamlessly in the studio in which the data files were stored. This affected
workflow and productivity, as staff members were forced to wait for the one studio to be available or suffer through unnecessary periods of inactivity in the other studios. 
"This wasn't a case of large volume files flying across the network, but mere latency waiting for the connection to take place between two computers," states Pat Wahl, chief engineer for WWIB.  "In our business, time is critical, and while waiting three to five seconds for the computers to connect doesn't seem like much time, it adds up to an
unmanageable level over the course of a work session.  We've noticed a significant improvement since the ES4524D was installed, and now all of our studios can be busy."     
"WWIB is a great example of how Small Tree products and expertise can help a small business to significantly improve its workflow" said Corky Seeber, Small Tree President, "we are very pleased with our Edge-corE products because they use enterprise-class electronics and their pricing accommodates the budget of a small or medium business."
About Small Tree Communications
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