Version2 Takes a Tribeca Bound Taxi to the Dark Side


Last Updated: April 9, 2007 4:24 pm GMT
(April 9, 2007) Version2's Sloane Klevin worked closely with Oscar nominated director Alex Gibney, director of Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room, to cut the murder mystery, Taxi to the Dark Side.

The film examines the death of an Afghan taxi driver at Bagram Air Base and delves into the entire U.S. interrogation policies in the “war on terror.” Taxi will have its world premiere at the 2007 Tribeca Film Festival.

Though this is Sloane’s first feature documentary, Gibney had seen her high caliber of work during a Executive Producing stint on the PBS series, Martin Scorsese presents The Blues where Klevin provided additional editorial. Given the film’s non-linear and non-traditional approach, the director was actually looking for an editor without a background in documentaries. Discussing the process, Gibney noted, “Sloane Klevin is an extraordinary editor; she is very technically skilled and aesthetically gifted with a magnificent ability to bring fresh ideas and creative solutions to every problem. Taxi was a difficult film about a tough subject. It demanded an editor with great story-telling strengths and a real sense of visual possibility…that’s Sloane.”

Version2’s CD Kieran Walsh supplied the VFX and titling, adding the finishing touch on an already dramatic film. Gibney commented, “From a graphical perspective, I wanted to find a look that would be true to this very dark subject, yet also add a new dimension to the film. Kieran understood the challenge and fashioned an innovative look using redacted documents and the scanning motion of a copier. It does what every good graphic treatment should do in a film…it frames the story in a way that excites the eye and deepens the dramatic experience.”

Taxi was shot in HD and much of the footage is archival. The resolution for many of the scenes was enhanced and will be transfered to 35mm for theatrical distribution. There is already significant distribution interest moving toward the pre-premiere and much more is expected after the inaugural screening.

This is not Klevin’s first trip down festival row. She also cut last years Tribeca premiere, Just Like The Son, written and directed by Morgan J. Freeman (Hurricane Streets, which won the Directing Award, Cinematography Award, and the Audience Award at Sundance in 1997). In addition, she edited Real Women Have Curves, which took home Audience, Acting and Screenplay prizes at Sundance in 2002, was nominated for two Independent Spirit Awards, and was chosen by MoMA to represent the year 2002 in the history of cinema. Real Women Have Curves was recently selected by Sundance to be part of its boxed DVD set commemorating 25 years of the Sundance Institute. Heights, which Klevin edited for Merchant-Ivory productions in 2004, won the Audience Award for Best Feature Film at the Provincetown International Film Festival the following year. The Casting Directors of America also named the film best ensemble cast in an independent film for 2005. Klevin edited two video pieces that were used in U2’s 2005 Vertigo Tour (longtime U2 collaborator Catherine Owens directed). Recent spot work includes campaigns for Milk (Lowe/NY), (Hanft/Raboy/NY), and Kraft (McGarry Bowen/NY), all directed by Peggy Sirota of H.S.I.

Sloane is currently finishing a one-hour dramatic TV pilot for FOX, directed by award-winning feature director, Mike Figgis. It is their second time working together.

Film: Taxi to the Dark Side
Director: Alex Gibney
Editorial: Version2/NY
Editor: Sloane Klevin
Post/Effects: Version2/NY
CD: Kieran Walsh
Designer/Animator: Federico Saenz-Recio
After Effects Artist: Craig Davis, Michael McKenna
Smoke Artist: Tim Farrell
Head of Production: Frank Devlin
Colorist: Scott Olive, Postworks/NY
Online: Frame:Runner/NY
Sound Designer(s): Ivor Guest/Margaret Crimmins
Composer(s): Ivor Guest, Robert Logan
Mixer: Tony Volante, Sound Lounge/NY
Additional Music: Mario Grigorov, Siblings/NY

Avid Adrenaline
Conformed on Avid
Panasonic P2 (HD)
After Effects



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