Canon U.S.A. And Vinten Announce Collaboration To Maximize Image-Stabilization Performance During HDTV Production


Industry Leaders Debut Complementary Technology at NAB2007 That Helps Eliminate Any Trace of Lag After Fast Pan or Tilt Moves

Last Updated: April 10, 2007 7:52 pm GMT
(Lake Success, N.Y., April 10, 2007) Canon U.S.A., Inc.'s DIGISUPER 100xs and DIGISUPER 86xs long-field zoom lenses are world famous for their Optical Shift Image Stabilizer ("Shift-IS") technology, which capture rock-solid images in crystal-clear HD even at telephoto distances.

Now the capabilities of these advanced HD lenses have been further maximized by an exclusive technology collaboration between Canon and Vinten, a leading manufacturer of tripods, pedestals, pan/tilt heads, camera robotics, and other innovative camera-support solutions. Benefits and applications of these shared technologies will be highlighted at NAB2007, the annual convention of the National Association of Broadcasters, held April 14-19 in Las Vegas (Canon booth #SU 3020).

The Canon-Vinten collaboration integrates the advanced capabilities of Canon's Shift-IS lens technology with the high-resolution optical encoders built into Vinten's new Vector 950 Active pan/tilt heads. The special encoders in the Vector 950 Active provide output that is fully compatible with the Canon HD lenses. The result is the elimination of any trace of lag after fast pan or tilt shots - a great advantage in the production of fast-paced HDTV sporting and entertainment events.

"We are very excited to be collaborating with Canon's Broadcast Division to once again bring the tools of the trade to the next level of technology," said Ali Ahmadi, product and marketing manager for Vinten products for the Americas. "Just as Canon continually pushes the technology envelope to provide ever-greater product performance for its customers, so too does Vinten. Both companies emphasize quality and technology in their products."

The Vinten-Canon technology collaboration debuted at this year's Super Bowl when a Sony HD camera, supported by Vinten's new Vector 950 Active pan/tilt head and outfitted with Canon's DIGISUPER100xs (model XJ100x9.3BIE-D) long-field HD zoom lens, was used to capture the exciting, fast-paced action.

"The exclusive technology collaboration between Canon and Vinten takes Canon's superior Shift IS Image-Stabilizer system and makes it an even greater tool for camera operators when combined with Vinten's Vector 950 Active head," said Gordon Tubbs, director, Broadcast and Communications division, Canon U.S.A. "We are honored to participate in this exclusive technology collaboration with Vinten, a company that is so highly respected in the broadcast and production industry."

Currently two of Canon's most popular field lenses - the DIGISUPER 100xs and DIGISUPER 86xs - are compatible with the new Vinten Vector 950 Active. This compatibility is a no-cost, built-in standard feature of Canon's DIGISUPER 100xs and DIGISUPER 86xs lenses. "Canon's Shift-IS Image-Stabilizer system is an important advancement that has been applauded by the broadcast community and this collaboration just makes it better," noted Tubbs.

Vinten's Vector 950 Active pan/tilt head offers camera operators improved picture control and better performance in a smaller and more robust package. The Vector 950 Active features infinitely adjustable TF drag, tilt-axis deadlock, an illuminated leveling bubble and pan-and-tilt brake levers positioned for ease of use. In addition, a new spring counterbalance system allows up to ±90° of perfectly counterbalanced camera tilt. The Vector 950 Active is relatively light and compact, allowing for easier set-up, repositioning and minimal storage space.

Canon's DIGISUPER 100xs and DIGISUPER 86xs long-field HD zoom lenses are the most widely used lenses in HD sports and entertainment production. (The DIGISUPER 100xs was the world's first triple-digit HD zoom lens). At NAB2007, Canon will add to its DIGISUPER product line with the introduction of the DIGISUPER 100AF and DIGISUPER 86AF* Auto Focus models. All Canon DIGISUPER lenses feature the HD optical precision and heightened long-range zoom capabilities that have made Canon a global leader. All of Canon's DIGISUPER HD field lenses also feature Canon's unique XS technology for improved optical performance and lighter weight.

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