The Pixel Farm Releases PFClean 2.5


The Pre-Grade Tool Of Choice Continues To Get Better

Last Updated: April 11, 2007 10:30 pm GMT
(Windsor, UK. 11 April 2007) PFClean, the resolution independent, automated film review and clean up system moves to version 2.5 at this year’s NAB.

Fast becoming the tool of choice for DI facilities who demand fast tools for dust busting, scratch and dirt removal, grain management and image restoration, PFClean is the only application featuring both fully automatic and manual toolsets which are optimised for delivery on Mac Intel workstations and the Pixel Farm’s custom turnkey system.

NAB also sees the release of the new PFClean batch/command line system. This hardware can be used as a stand alone application to automatically clean footage - with the full range of Pfclean tools - or as an extension to a current PFClean system, so adding extra processing power. Using a fast interconnect, adding an extra node is as simple as ‘plug and play’.

Marcus Alexander, Senior DI Producer, Deluxe Digital Entertainment, comments, “PFClean's technology continues to help us ensure we capture and process any negative defects and integration of the software within the main DI structure has made the large-team manual processes, slow render time and unfortunate occasional 'bad bust' a thing of the past. Automation of the defect cleanup allows us to review any 'fixes' prior to final render into the data, giving us the freedom to alter its parameters before its application.”

Key New Features include:
  • New Static Dirt removal tool
  • Ability to detect and fix on any combination of colour channels
  • Colour grade transfer tool
  • New Rig removal tool
  • User Definable Clip Status
  • New AutoDesk Lustre Integration
  • New Colour API for LUT effects
  • Improved UI
  • Enhanced DPX workflow, including header data display
  • Overalll speed and detection improvements

With a flexible and non-destructive workflow, PFClean allows creative decisions to be made right up until final delivery, within a colour calibrated environment. Extensive batch effects processing mean tasks such as grain reduction and matching, 3D image stabilisation and clean up can be automated and distributed over multiple processors, machines and platforms. PFClean is one of the most advanced applications in its class, once again confirming The Pixel Farm as one of the most innovative software companies in the field of VFX and post production.

About The Pixel Farm
Formed in 2002, The Pixel Farm focuses on the integration of ‘Best of Breed’ technologies to provide collaborative and innovative products for digital composting. Based in the UK and with a very strong focus on research and development, The Pixel Farm works with closely with its customers to ensure PF products match the needs of the production environment.

By utilising its industry experience and working with some of the best researchers and developers in the world, The Pixel Farm ensures it is always one step ahead of the competition.

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