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Last Updated: April 17, 2007 9:53 pm GMT
(NAB2007, Las Vegas, NV, USA - April 16, 2007) Blackmagic Design Inc. today announced HDLink Pro, a new model of the popular HDLink converter that allows low cost DVI and HDMI displays to be used for SDI monitoring. HDLink Pro can be seen on Blackmagic Design's NAB 2007 stand located at #SL11020.

HDLink Pro allows any supported DVI or HDMI display to be used for incredible HD-SDI monitoring. HDLink Pro supports the new 3 Gb/s SDI standard for twice the SDI data rate than normal HD-SDI. 3 Gb/s SDI retains compatibility with normal HD-SDI and standard definition SDI equipment, however the higher 3 Gb/s data rate allows 4:4:4 video using a single BNC type connection, or Blackmagic Design's new 2k via SDI allows high resolution real time 2048 x 1556 feature film editing.

2K via SDI is featured on Blackmagic Design's new Multibridge Eclipse, and, when used with HDLink Pro and a 30 inch DVI display, real time 2048 x 1556 2K feature film resolution playback is easy. 2K via SDI allows 2K film editing with the convenience of long connection cable lengths and patching common in large video systems.

HDLink Pro includes color management via built in 3D lookup tables that allow any feature film stock to be simulated so editors can always see the correct color of the final film output. Popular 3D lookup tables can be loaded for various film stocks, and HDLink Pro is compatible with third party software products for generating tables. Included in HDLink Utility software on Windows and Mac OS X systems is full control for adjusting tables and generating custom "looks" for download into HDLink Pro.

When editing with complex 5.1 surround sound audio tracks, HDLink Pro allows full 5.1 monitoring by including 6 separate channels of audio output.

HDLink Pro is perfect for high definition or 2K film monitoring, and switches between SD, HD and 2K instantly. HDLink also features a revolutionary new chassis with all connections from one side, so mounting on the back of displays allows cables exit from the bottom for better cable management.

HDLink Pro Key Features

• 3 Gb/s SDI with compatibility with HD-SDI and SD SDI.
• Loop thru 3 Gb/s SDI output.
• Switches between 2K, HD or SD via SDI connections.
• Monitor using LCD or HDMI displays via dual link DVI connection.
• 6 channels of RCA audio out, and HDMI audio supported.
• Built in 3D lookup tables, also compatible with 1D lookup tables.
• HDLink Utility software allows lookup table, settings and software updates via fast USB 2.0 connection on Windows and Mac OS X platforms.
• 3D lookup table processing available on SDI loop output.

Availability and Price

HDLink Pro will be available in July for a US domestic recommended retail price of $795 from all Blackmagic Design authorized resellers.

Press Photography

Product photos of HDLink Pro, and all other Blackmagic Design products, are available at

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