Updated Antics Makes It Even Easier to Visualize Any Film Project


Antics V2.5 Release Enhances Scene Creation, Character Choreography and Animation

Last Updated: May 3, 2007 9:48 pm GMT
(CAMBRIDGE, United Kingdom -- BUSINESS WIRE) Antics Technologies today announced the official release of Version 2.5 of its real time, animated 3D visualization software. This builds on the success of Antics V2, which launched last October and allows anyone (including Producers, Directors, Production Designers, DPs, Art Directors and Screenwriters) to bring their ideas to life quickly and cost effectively in the form of animated 3D pre-viz. Antics V2.5 makes it even easier to produce compelling pitches, develop creative ideas, plan production efficiently and communicate unambiguously.

Antics has already proved itself of wide use in the entertainment industry, from helping to plan adverts for Ford, Virgin Radio and others, to producing graphics used by Global TV news and to helping pre-production on films such as Sweet Home Chicago and The Eleventh Soldier. "Antics V2.5 is a must-have tool for all aspects of pre-production. Allowing anyone with basic computer skills to rapidly generate complex 3D animated pre-viz sequences is going to completely reinvent the pre-production process." Dean Devlin, Producer of INDEPENDENCE DAY and THE PATRIOT.

Now Antics V2.5 adds new functionality and ease of use including:

Floor markers that enhance character positioning. Floor markers use Antics' intelligent props technology which allows users with one click to animate a character's move to a marker whilst automatically avoiding any obstacles on the way – and if the floor marker is moved, the software just recalculates the necessary movement

Enhanced shader editor which is both easier to use and supports sequences of images for richer scene design

Animation workshop allows users to develop their own carry and grasp poses

Expanded content with new characters as well as a library of over 200 poses

New plug-in tool which allows the export of complete scenes into Antics from Autodesk® 3ds Max®

Improved usability with a combined Move/Rotate tool for easy object selection as well as control of camera rotation, zoom, truck and dolly via the mouse

Additional output features including support for QuickTime formats, the ability to generate videos for a defined range within a take and the ability to output a sequence of static image files

Early users of Antics V2.5 are already enthusiastic about the enhancements it provides. "Antics V2.5 works faster than v 2.0 and is already saving a significant amount of time. The modified move and rotate tool, plus the new export feature, have really proved to be both a time and disk space savior. Also the added grasp and carry tool is allowing my workflow to be much more efficient," states Dennis B. Dalmark, Director, The Kreative Lounge.

Antics V2.5 is available immediately and a full evaluation version can be downloaded from the website, www.antics3d.com. The purchase price is now $595 for a perpetual license, but there is also the option of a renewable one year subscription for $200. Fred Medina, VP Sales and Business Development, Antics Technologies Inc., commented: "The subscription price is proving very popular with independent filmmakers since it allows them to produce powerful visualizations of their projects for a low initial outlay. This is especially true for members of guilds for whom we are running a number of special offers." In addition, Antics is making its add-on content library free to all users.

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