Big Screen Entertainment And Imagination Worldwide Babysit In Cannes


Last Updated: May 17, 2007 3:42 pm GMT
(HOLLYWOOD, CA - MAY 17, 2007 - OTC:BSEG) From the heart of Hollywood in their Paramount Studios offices to the glamour of the French Riviera and the star-studded red carpet of The Croisette in Cannes, France, Big Screen Entertainment Group is proud to announce it has partnered with the premiere international sales company in the horror/thriller genre, Imagination Worldwide, headed by prolific film producer Pierre David.

Pierre David has produced over 100 films, including the horror genre franchises "Scanners" and "Wish Master," as well as "Videodrome", "Internal Affairs", "Platoon" and "Deep Cover". David also serves as Chairman of the prestigious Independent Film and Television Alliance (IFTA) Producer's Committee. IFTA's membership includes 160 companies from 22 countries, spanning production, distribution and financing of independent film and television programming. Collectively, its members produce more than 400 independent films and countless hours of television programming each year and generate more than $4 billion in distribution revenues annually.

"We feel that "Babysitter Wanted" is in excellent hands under the Imagination Worldwide banner. Big Screen is thrilled to have someone with Pierre's experience, reputation and contacts in the international community," stated BSEG CEO, Kimberley Kates. "And we are confident that "Babysitter Wanted" will receive the maximum exposure in the worldwide marketplace." Big Screen has three films being sold at the Cannes Market this year, "Babysitter Wanted", with Imagination "The Mirror" and "Forget About It" with Showcase Entertainment.

"This is looking to be a banner year in revenues for Big Screen. We are all very pleased with these three films and the outlook of the company overall," stated BSEG President, David Zappone. "In addition to these three films, our first game will also be released in the next several weeks."

"US domestic deals for the above three feature films will also be announced over the next several weeks," said Zappone. Attending the festival for Big Screen will be BSEG's President of Production, Stephen Eckelberry who also directed "The Mirror" as well as BSEG's Senior VP, Michael Manasseri, who produced and directed "Babysitter Wanted".

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BSEG will have more news on dividends to BSEG shareholders over the next several months as well as more details to shareholders on the newly formed Big Screen Games, Animation and Distribution IPO.

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