AvMyPodcast Announces Video Podcasting Support


Last Updated: June 4, 2007 2:50 pm GMT
(June 4, 2007 -- Orlando, FL) AvMyPodcast.com, a Florida-based Podcast Hosting Service, announced today it's support for video podcasting, enabling independent video producers an affordable avenue for distributing their video content.

"Independent video producers have always found it difficult to decide the most effective means to distribute their work over the internet", stated Erich R. Slipsager, CEO of AvMyPodcast.com. "The lack of an accepted standard on the internet has always made it difficult for video producers, who specialize in 'traditional' means of distributing video, to effectively showcase their content online. We are proud to help address these concerns, and through podcasting offer a great alternative to normal browser based distribution methods."

Podcasting, a technology based upon syndicated feeds distributed over the internet and read by special software has been embraced by numerous mass media outlets including the BBC, NPR and CNN. "The market acceptance of the readers is phenomenal", says Erich Slipsager. "Pretty much everybody has iTunes, and those that don't can use Yahoo. These services make collecting podcasts extremely easy. That ease of use makes it very easy and cost effective for anyone to reach millions of people. The release of Apple TV simply extends that reach into the living room."

"With video podcasting, the video producer no longer has to worry about whether or not the viewers have the appropriate plugins installed or whether the user will be sacrificing quality. All of those issues are taken care of through software like iTunes. Whether the user is producing standard def, or high def, it really doesn't matter. All of those standards are supported, and taken care, without extra work by the video producer."

Apple TV is a registered trademark of Apple Computers, Inc. iTunes is a registered trademark of Apple Computers, Inc. Yahoo is a registered trademark of Yahoo! Inc.

About AvMyPodcast.com
AvMyPodcast.com is a full service, turnkey podcast hosting service that offers low cost high quality media distribution services for the home media producer. By offering brilliantly simple user friendly environments for podcast distribution, AvMyPodcast has helped clients including up and coming musicians, radio shows, school and church podcasts. For more information on AvMyPodcast.com, visit http://www.avmypodcast.com or email info@avmypodcast.com


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