Sonnet Announces MacCuff mini Mounting System for Mac mini


Last Updated: June 5, 2007 2:29 pm GMT
(IRVINE, CA - June 5, 2007) Sonnet Technologies, a leader in upgrades for Macintosh® computers, announces MacCuff™ mini, the back-of-monitor mounting system for Mac® mini computers.

MacCuff mini provides users with a practical way to mount their computer to the back of an LCD display (or under a desk or table) while retaining full access to all of its ports and the disc slot.

In spite of its small size, the Mac mini can be inconvenient to place. On a small desk, the Mac mini takes up valuable space, a problem compounded by cable clutter. MacCuff mini moves a Mac mini and video cable off the desktop and behind the monitor.

Most LCD monitors have open VESA mounting holes on the back that provide an ideal spot to attach a MacCuff mini. Mounted securely on the back of a display, a Mac mini disappears. Sonnet helps cut the clutter by providing a 12-inch DVI-to-VGA monitor cable that connects the Mac mini to the monitor, without ever touching the desk. An included cable tie secures the power cable to the bracket to prevent accidental disconnects. MacCuff mini can just as easily be installed under a desk or shelf. Regardless the mounting method, MacCuff mini’s open-frame design allows normal Wi-Fi and Bluetooth operation.

MacCuff mini is constructed of rugged steel, and its refined platinum finish with a durable plastic coating won’t mar the computer’s finish. Installation is easy. For back-of-monitor mounting, just locate the empty VESA mount screw holes on the back of the monitor, and then use the supplied machine screws to secure the MacCuff mini. For under-desk mounting, simply tape the included drill template to the surface, drill pilot holes, and attach the bracket using the supplied wood screws. Mac mini simply slides into the MacCuff mini.

MacCuff mini Benefits
• Frees desk space by mounting Mac mini to back of display
• MacCuff mini + Mac mini + inexpensive, third-party LCD display = “poor man’s iMac®
• Eliminates monitor cable clutter with included 0.3m (12-inch) DVI-to-VGA cable
• Secures power cable; prevents accidental unplugging

Pricing and Availability
MacCuff mini (part number CUFF-MINI) is available now for the retail price of USD $49.95.

For more information on MacCuff mini, visit the Sonnet web site at:

About Sonnet Technologies, Inc.
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